Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nan Hayworth...Nuclear Power Safe Vital and Secure...INDIAN POINT TWO SHUT DOWN...two Entergy Reactors DOWN IN ONE NIGHT

WAKE UP NAN...The second Entergy Reactor in ONE NIGHT IS DOWN...yes you nuclear energy supporting numbnut who thinks Nuclear energy is safe...MAJOR TRANSFORMER FIRE shut down Indian Point 2 tonight, and where are you?

SLEEPING without a care in the world...maybe when you or one of your family is struck down by a Indian Point caused cancer, maybe if one of your children gives birth to a stillborn child (women living near nuclear power plants have increased risk of stillborn children) you will rethink your support of this fatally flawed industry that cannot LEGALLY and ADEQUATELY dispose of its waste streams, has not put one ounce of high level radioactive waste into long term storage!

Before you with your Ivy League education start supporting something, maybe you should adequately INVESTIGATE...your inane video on energy tells the world you are without a CLUE. Looking at your family WEALTH, your self vested interest in wanting to sit on certain committees in Washington DC tells me you are also without morals, nothing more than a demon spawn politician pretending to be human.

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We on this blog do not like Politicians...we like Republicans even less. Nan Hayworth was elected to send a message to Washington, not because she was a better choice...this blog is laying the ground work to defeat her in 2012.