Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Congressoman Nan Hayworth A Jew, Or Is She Lying?

Is Nan Haywood a Jew, or is she NY's 19th District, it is not such a well known secret that a large voting block of Jewish votes in Orange County all vote one way for the chosen candidate. In many cases, this voting block worth (last time I heard), carries some serious clout at over 7000 votes, is quite often the difference between winning and losing in this district which is split pretty evenly along party lines. In 2006, this voting block was enough to carry former Congressman John Hall to victory over Sue Kelly. With so few Jewish voices in Congress, claiming to be a Jew could pay great dividends in District 19.

Now, we all know that Scott Hayworth is Jewish, and we know that Nan Hayworth was RAISED Lutheran...yet, in the campaign, she CLAIMED to be Jewish by choice...I could buy that except for one very important detail...she has NEVER converted! Which raises the question, is Nan Hayward a Jew when it serves her purposes, and a Lutheran by faith? Maybe the answer can be found in the denomination of her children, or finding, out what church she normally attends. Does she celebrate Christmas?

So Nan Hayworth, you claim to be Jewish...PROVE IT...

A Few New Jews

One more rep. and state AG; a GOP rep. closes in

Georgia Attorney General-elect Sam Olens.

Sam Olens/Flickr

Immediately after Election Day, it looked like the 112th Congress would contain 12 Jewish senators and 27 congresspersons, including a second Jewish House Republican—Nan Hayworth of New York—to go along with incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

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