Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nan Hayworth Wants To Give Nuclear Industry $100 Billion Of Your Tax Dollars


Careful folks...much like ALMOST Governor Meg Whitman, Congressman elect Nan Hayworth seems ready to be a NUCLEAR WHORE on the House floor pushing for tens if not hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to subsidize the FAILING NUCLEAR INDUSTRY. Guess the fact that every citizen in her district (Due to re-authorization of Price Anderson Act) would lose their homes if there is (and there will be) a significant accident at Entergy's Indian Point does not concern her. Pricer Anderson makes it illegal for us to have home insurance for ANY NUCLEAR INCIDENT involving a nuclear reactor.

Guess also the fact that the commercial nuclear industry has NEVER DISPOSED OF SO MUCH AS ONE OUNCE of spent nuclear fuel does not bother her either...she is a LEAVE IT WHERE IT SITS money whore ready to reclassify these waste streams as potential future use resources with the passing of a bill that relabels waste, just like they did with the depleted uranium sitting at the gaseous diffusion plants in Paducah and Portsmouth. that is now used in armor piercing munitions.

The nuclear industry wants loan guarantees and flat out gifts from congress in excess of FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth wants to give it to them WHILE CUTTING OUR SOCIAL SECURITY!

From Article

Rep.-elect Nan Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, said she would support more investment in nuclear energy and gas exploration, but opposes spending more federal dollars on weatherization and other energy-related projects that don't result in more jobs.

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