Thursday, November 11, 2010

uh, um, yes yes um Ivy Educated Nan Hayworth in Her Own Words Ducking the Question

The words of our Ivy league graduated Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth...

Attendee: Do you support making social security more solvent and secure by allowing people to invest in voluntary, personal accounts?

Stupid: Yes. Yes, ma'am. I would. I think we have to. Yes. Yes. It's, again, I, uh, I would touch on it anytime soon. It's worth saying again. Um, it's about our having the power, and actually, the obligation, personally, as citizens, to think about what we are doing to be responsible within our own lives. (Like giving Federal Government seven percent of our income to safeguard for our retirements in the form of a SS deduction every payday Nan?

And it is, it is, a cultural phenomenon; it is something that our government can influence, through the way in which, it, uh, it institutes entitlement programs. (You mean like borrowing OUR MONEY from the Social Security cash box, and leaving worthless IOU's in it, then rather than paying that money back, telling us they want to cut our Social Security Benefits Nan?

If we don't reward responsible behavior, we'll get less of it. If people expect that they'll ever need an American consumer again, y'know, we're a consumer economy. We started out, the reason, one of the reasons we do it so very well, is because we did say, to our, to our, enterprising citizens, 'go, and think about what you can do well within your community, think about what your fellow citizens would like to have available to them, uh, you know, think of the business that, that you'd like to run, the services you'd like to provide, the improvements in goods, the innovations that you can then, you know, sell across the country and sell across the community, and you will, you will thrive. And you know, you will have the world ahead of you. But, you know, the other side of it is, you know, that you'll have, you'll have, to make sure you have put away enough for a rainy day. (Ummm, uhhh, you know, you know Nan, most Middle Class Americans give SEVEN PERCENT of their pay check to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for that RAINY DAY you know, ummm Nan, are you awake, uhh, just stupid, or totally out of touch with AVERAGE CITIZENS?

You know, you'll have to make sure that you're taking care of yourself because, you know, we're not, as a government, gonna be doing it for you.

NY DISTRICT 19 VOTERS in the lower and middle class PLEASE READ THAT ABOVE SENTENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. We have paid (lately) seven percent of our GROSS INCOME into Social Security, and on OUR BEHALF our employer has MATCHED THAT. If you make $50,000 a year, you have given the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (between you and your employer) SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for your GOLDEN YEARS. Now Nan and the REPUBLICANS want to tell you that you are ON YOUR OWN, that THEY WILL NOT BE TAKING CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!

Um, and, that social security option, um, returns as to that kind of frame of mind. That's the most powerful and empowering frame of mind you can possibly have. It makes us stronger, not weaker. We are not sheep, we are men and women. Uh, and yes, I do feel like that way...yes sir?

Now, ignoring her horrid even imbecilic delivery, the blatant stupidity of this Ivy League graduate, you can easily discern what Nan Hayworth is saying. She could care less that between you and your employer you have given fourteen percent of your income to the Federal Government TO SAFEGUARD FOR YOUR RAINY DAYS AS A RETIRED SENIOR. She states CLEARLY FOR THE RECORD, that if she has her way, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Here is a clue BIATCH...79 Million Baby Boomers have paid for our future benefits IN FULL, and WE WANT THEM.

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