Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Values of Tea Party Movement...That Nan Hayworth is Associated With

One of Nan Hayworth's big backers is the Tea Party...granted, Nan has tried to walk a tight rope without a net on this, because she really was HAND CHOSEN by the power brokers inside the beltway...that reality would have probably sent John Hall back to Congress if he had done a better job at pointing it out to the voters, so Nan's ties to the Tea Party were convenient for her, and we are learning, Nan is all about CONVENIENCE. Bottom line is, Nan Hayworth is in deep with the Tea Party, and it's self crowed and self absorbed leader, Sarah Palin. A bit part of both of these women's appeal is their supposed family values...lets look at that for a moment in light of Bristol and Willow Palin's OUTBURST ON FACEBOOK.

At first blush, sure some would just love to dismiss the conversation on Facebook, pretend it is just kids being kids. That is too easy. Just like Bristol's getting pregnant out of wedlock is a reflection of her mother's failure to instill proper values, just as it is a example of Sarah Palin failing to properly monitor her childrens actions and behaviors, this latest Facebook incident brings up serious questions about Sarah Palin...what kind of a corrupted value system has she shown her children for them to make some of the remarks they have made? Let's examine them, shall we?

Now this online shouting match if you will started when someone commented on Facebook that they did not like Sarah's new what, I do not like Fox News, and have no problems letting that fact be know publicly. Apparently, Bristol and Willow TOOK OFFENSE in a big way, and exhibited some very bigoted homophobic attitudes in choice of words.

Bristol You're running your mouth just to talk shit.

What if Tre was? Are we not allowed to express opinions Bristol, even if you happen to not agree with them? I mean come on, the whole Momma Grizzly/fishing thing could not have been MORE STAGED, though sure the tea baggers were peeing themselves with glee at that one.

Bristol No you just run your mouth so you'll get a reaction. You're a typical shit talker. Talking shit because you have nothing else going for you. (she rambled on after this)...

Already getting personal, hitting below the belt with her, "you have nothing else going for you." My reaction here, is I am surprised Sarah Palin has not done a better job of teaching her children not to engage, not to plug into this kind of thing...but then, we are talking Sarah Palin, she who sees herself as America's Goddess In Chief.

Apparently, this is where Willow decided to jump in...

Willow Don't watch it dumb shit.

Followed by...

Willow And Matt. Your effin fat as hell. Stfu (Shut the Fuck Up)

At this point, one could say, "OK, the Palin kids have potty mouths and move on, but THERE IS MORE, much more.

Willow Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are. But what I've seen pictures of, your sister had a kid and is still hot... about online BULLY! First, the homophobic, "your so gay" followed by telling (assuming Tre) he is this how Sarah and Todd have taught their children to deal with others in life? Denigrate them, make bigoted remarks, freely toss up onto Facebook homophobic insults? For the record, just from my own perspective, Bristol is not hot, and could probably stand to lose a few pounds.

That said, it quickly takes a serious UGLY TURN when Willow REALLY LETS LOOSE...

Willow Tre stfu. Your such a faggot.

DING DING DING...there is no going back, Willow just stepped WAY OUT OF BOUNDS! She dropped the big homophobic F BOMB on Tre! Where are the Log Cabin Republicans crying foul, demanding an apology? Where is CNN and Fox News covering this story. The highest profile Republican and Tea Party darling's daughter just publicly called someone a faggot...we have a TEACHABLE MOMENT HERE, even if it would ruin any slim chance Sarah Palin might have to be Goddess In Chief in 2012. Will then keeps on going...mind you, Bristol STARTED THIS, is apparently close by, even perhaps egging her little sister on!

Willow Ha what an effin jokester you are. Stop talkin shit about my family.

Hasn't Sarah Palin and her handlers told their kids they are PUBLIC FIGURES, are under the deals, reality TV programs, no talent Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. You just don't run up to Facebook and start a fight because someone does not like your mother's show! Even worse, is the venomous hatred and bigotry shown in Bristol's choice of words, her gutter mouth, and last but not least, poor use of the English language. Willow continues on, further showing her ignorance and ill temper...

Willow You weren't trying to be disrespectful? Are you kidding me? You fucking posted it on Facebook

If you follow Bristol and Willow, tie together the reasoning, it seems that any one posting a negative opinion about the Palin family is A) being disrespectful, and B) is a faggot. Does that about cover it Bristol and Willow?

There is more to the sad commentary, Bristol stating one person, (Tre) '"has always been such an awkward kid..." as if she is fully in her right to make such a judgmental observation about any one. Talk about people living in glass houses...hello Bristol, you were apparently fucking enough as a teen without protection to have an OUT OF WED LOCK CHILD.

Basic bottom line...where are people like Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth in CONDEMNING they remarks, in pointing out the BULLYING BE DONE BY THE PALIN's? Guess these types of antics, this kind of homophobic slur tossing is OK if it is done by one of Nan's own circle and her family?...a fellow teabagger, a fellow Republican, a fellow woman, a fellow Mom?

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