Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did Congresswoman Nan Hayworth BUY HER SEAT IN CONGRESS?

I am one of those that feels wealthy Americans should not be allowed to buy their seats in any election, and it is a spectacle that occurs far to frequently in these troubled times with Mayor Bloomberg the most notable example here in New York...he used his money and muscle to even have the term limit laws changed so he could continue to be mayor of his fiefdom. I have alleged and believe that Nan Hayworth has done the same, using her own money, and connections to buy a governmental position she is undeserving to hold.

Even more disturbing, she did it in a way that will allow her too RECOUP every penny of her and her husbands money she invested into her campaign...see, she did not give her campaign $400 thousand dollars, but instead LENT HER CAMPAIGN $400,000 dollars! The day she got elected to Congress, she provided herself access to the big pocket donors who would PAY HER BACK!

Curious many average Americans have $400,000 CASH ON HAND to lend their campaign for public office? Further, how can this woman who painted herself out as ONE OF US really know us when she is THAT RICH? The Tea Party supposedly wants change in Washington, but in backing Nan Hayworth seems to have sent back to Congress two more years of the self serving antics we had to tolerate when Sue Kelly represented our district.

Hayworth loans her campaign another $150,000

Republican congressional candidate Nan Hayworth loaned her campaign another $150,000 in the first quarter of this year, upping her total personal commitment to $400,000.

In a press release, Hayworth’s campaign said it had $659,000 in cash as of March 31.

Hayworth is seeking the Republican nomination to run against two-term Democratic Rep. John Hall of Dover in the 19th Congressional District.

Three other Republicans and one independent have indicated interest in the GOP nomination.

First quarter campaign finance reports are required to be filed with the Federal Election Commission by midnight Thursday.

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We on this blog do not like Politicians...we like Republicans even less. Nan Hayworth was elected to send a message to Washington, not because she was a better choice...this blog is laying the ground work to defeat her in 2012.