Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Positions As Seen By Average District 19 Voter

So Nan...on your Campaign website (where you took down all your supposed positions on the issues), you say you are going to LISTEN to your constituents. My guess is that your door will ONLY BE OPEN to those constituents with MONEY, but setting that aside, I am going to give you the take from an AVERAGE VOTER in your district. Lets see how well you do at listening...and yes, I am being condescending.

1. The wars in the Middle East...we want an exit strategy, plan and simple. It is time we stop being the world's police, and bring our troops home. It is that simple...we can then cut troop numbers down, significantly cut military spending, and begin the task of rebuilding our American infrastructure here at home (both public and industrial). We have given too much blood and treasure to two wars we NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN, and Afghanistan is nothing more than another Vietnam.

2. Social Security and Medicare...We Baby Boomers...all 79 million of us have paid into these two systems for DECADES, have ALREADY PAID FOR THEM! Don't even think about cutting benefits WE HAVE EARNED AND PAID FOR, or the voters will get rid of everyone that votes to cut them. Here is a better idea...REPAY THE currently worthless IOU's that represent our investments into the Social Security Fund. Means testing...FORGET ABOUT...WE PAID FOR THIS BENEFIT, have factored our entitlements into our retirement plans. Pushing back the age when we can collect our benefits...FORGET ABOUT THAT AS WELL! As it is, we cannot start collecting till we are own mother died at 66, my wife had breast cancer, and though is in remission, should not have to wait till she is 67 to collect her retirement. We have no interest in working TILL WE DIE.

3. The Federal Deficit...start with government pay...on average, government workers earn 40 percent more than their counter parts (doing same job) in the private, cut every government workers pay by 25 percent to bring said pay into line with private sector salaries.

4. Eliminate USAID, which is nothing more than a black box slush fund for CIA operatives to try to interfere in the internal politics of other nations.

5. Deport all illegals...over 20 million Americans are unemployed or under employed while some 7.5 million illegal aliens still have jobs. Further, put a ten year moratorium on all LEGAL IMMIGRATION as we absorb those here, and put Americans back to work.

6. Cut pentagon budget by 25 percent. Push back start time for military pensions to the age of 62.

Lets see if you are listening to us Nan.

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