Monday, November 8, 2010

HEY Nan! Two Entergy Reactors Shut Down One Hour Apart...CAN WE SAY AGING MANAGEMENT ISSUES?

Nan, though you have your Ivy League degree, when it comes to nuclear energy, I have already decided you are a TWIT...yes, a TWIT. In the hopes of educating you, I would suggest you look into License Renewal issues...specifically AGING MANAGEMENT ISSUES, and how much the entire industry does not know about them, specifically how many problems the NRC has pushed off until after they grant their licensees permission to operate these dangerous facilities for another 20 years.

See, the safe operation of these over stressed, aging reactors is totally dependent upon the quality of a Nuclear Company's aging management program...contrary to what Neil Sheehan (nuclear dog and pony show of lies and double speak) will tell you, two ENTERGY reactors going down within one hour of each other was not “complete coincidence”, but a direct result of A) the NRC failing to adequately enforce 10CFR Rules and Regulations, and B) Entergy's woefully inadequate FLEET WIDE AGING MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS!

In more alarming than the EXPLODING TRANSFORMER, are the leaking pipes at Vermont Yankee (and both Indian Point reactors). Those leaking pipes can very quickly become PIPE BURSTS that will spew tens if not hundreds of thousands of gallons of irradiated water into the discharge canals (that Entergy DOES NOT HAVE A LEGAL EASEMENT TO USE) and into our beloved Hudson River here in YOUR DISTRICT. Even worst, is that could see a drop in reactor core pressure, thus creating a rapid increase in temperature, thus putting the core of Indian Point into thermal shock...NRC, NEI and the entire nuclear reactor community have admitted they know nothing about this subject, but not to worry, they have promised to FORM A STUDY GROUP at some future date to learn about it.

Making it simple...these VERY BRITTLE REACTOR CORES when subjected to thermal shock COULD SHATTER...hmmmmm....can we say over 500 BILLION DOLLARS in damages to your district?

But you go ahead and ignore these realities Nan, blindly support the nuclear I always say, "Sadly, the antinuclear grassroots community only needs one MAJOR INCIDENT at an American reactor to show we were right all know, kind of like the BP Oil Spill, or Hurricane Katrina?" You truly are pathetic, and not even in office yet.

Transformer explosion at NY nuclear power plant

BUCHANAN, N.Y. (AP) — A transformer exploded at a nuclear power plant

north of New York City, leading to an emergency shut down of one of its reactors.

An official with the Indian Point plant in Buchanan says no one was injured in Sunday’s explosion.

The plant is owned by Entergy Corp. Company spokesman Jim Steets says no radioactive materials leaked.

He says the transformer was outside and not near the reactor. He said there was no fire despite earlier reports.

Indian Point 2 was shut down after the explosion just after 6:30 p.m. Indian Point 3 was operating normally.

It was the second shutdown within the hour at an Entergy-owned plant.

The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon, Vt., shut down at about 7 p.m. after workers detected radioactive water seeping from a leaky pipe in the complex.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the two shutdowns were “complete coincidence.”

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