Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Readers...Some Holiday Questions for Nan Hayworth

First, hoping everyone here in District 19 had a beautiful time with their familys, had lots of things to be thankful for in this depressed economy as we suffer through a jobless recovery, some 16 million American citizens out of work, while some seven and a half illegal aliens have jobs in our workforce. As you contemplate that fact, let it settle into your reality, remember that was George W. Bush, Senator John McCain who wanted to grant Illegal Aliens AMNESTY, let them keep your jobs (if you are one of the unemployed)...this is a position that Nan Hayworth supports. Sure, she can all it a pathway to citizenship, but what she supports is both a tax Amnesty, and AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens who have violated no less than four laws (two of them felonies) in being in this country, and holding a job.
Now it has been established that Congresswoman Nan Hayworth and her hubbie Scott are loaded, a part of the UBER rich upper five percent of American Families. I also know intimately the neighborhood they live in. With few exceptions, most families in her neighborhood employ people to do tasks they feel beneath cleaning, lawn work and the like. More disturbing, a large majority of these families KNOWINGLY are allowing Illegal Aliens to do this work, rather than employing American workers.
So Nan Hayworth...
1. Do you have domestic help to do your menial labor such as house cleaning and your lawn?
2. If yes, have you VERIFIED the legal status of these people you are employing? This question would also apply to any cleaning staff/lawn maintenance people you or your husband employ at your various offices and medical groups.
3. Have you verified (if you are using outside companies) that they are not employing and deploying to your property illegal aliens?
You are held to a higher standard now that you are a Congresswoman Nan, and not sure why, call it a hunch, but guessing a reporter doing due diligence might find that the Hayworth clan has in fact and deed employed illegal aliens.

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