Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entergy's Vermont Yankee is LEAKING AGAIN...Comment Nan?

So Nan, you back nuclear power, presume here that you back what has amounted to the NRC's rubber stamping relicense program that carries out the DOE's NERAC plan to save the nuclear industry for National Security reasons, regardless of the harm caused to local communities, regardless of the cancer deaths caused by continued operation. Breaking in the news now while you presumably slumber in your Mclain Street home there in Bedford, the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor has shut down once again because the aging embrittled steam pipes are developing additional leaks. Like Indian Point, this ancient behemoth well passed its safe operating life is owned by Entergy...the NRC as it always does, claims NO IMMEDIATE DANGER to the general public (you should read the book by that same title). Surely you have a comment for the press?

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