Thursday, November 18, 2010

IT's OFFICIAL...Nan Hayworth IS NOT A JEW, but a LIAR!

Ok, it's official, Congresswoman Nan Hayworth IS NOT A JEW, so all the Jewish Newspapers trying to claim her as one can stop doing so...instead, she is a master manipulator, a LIAR IN THE FIRST DEGREE...oh, but of course, she is a politician.

Now, if I was a voter who had been duped by Nan Hayworth, in an angry frustrated fit it would be ever so tempting to say she was a lying, deceitful cunt bitch, but that would be just so wrong, so politically incorrect, that I would NEVER GO THERE...first, being a male, I would have every woman in the USA calling me a rude, obnoxious, nasty mouthed male chauvinist pig...never mind that it is OK for female candidates to tell us men, "To Man Up" and not have their own remarks considered as sexiest.

Now if I were a Palin, in a fit of rage, I could probably get away with such a remark, if Willow's homophobic bigoted rant on Facebook is any example...CNN all but defended her actions on their news tonight explaining to us that being the child of a woman as famous as Sarah Palin puts Willow under an enormous and unfair amount of pressure, especially if she is out on Social Media Sites such as...well, Facebook. (For those with your head in the sand, Willow called a young Facebooker gay, then went on further to call him a Faggot...good job at child rearing there Sarah Palin.)

Anyway, lets get back to Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, and so many people in the Jewish Community wanting to claim her as a Jew...SHE IS NOT...her words, not mine, though she worked very hard to CREATE the illusion that she is. In fact, she went to GREAT STRIDES to convince some people she was Lutheran, and others that she was/is a Jew.

First, from her own Facebook Page, and reported here.

“I’m a Lutheran who’s a good Jewish mother,” she said, quoting her Facebook page.

So then, it's official, Nan Hayworth by her own words, and by her own Facebook Page states for the record she is a LUTHERAN...while at the same time, and in the same breath saying, BUT I AM ALSO A GOOD JEWISH MOTHER...what, because you do guilt well? No Nan, you are not a Jew, so you cannot be a GOOD JEWISH MOTHER.

But then, in the SAME ARTICLE, Nan's own words go on to clarify further that she is not a Jew, but CONSIDERED HONORARY JEW if you will...sure I will piss a lot of people off here, but I have a QUESTION for Nan Hayworth. "Can you tell me if any HONORARY JEW was sent to a deathcamp Nan, were any HONORARY JEWS murdered in the HOLOCAUST Congresswoman Hayworth?" Being a Jew is not something you pick up and put down when it is convenient to you. If you believe so much in the Jewish Faith, why haven't you converted in all those years you have been a PRETEND JEW...could it be as your Facebook states, that you see yourself as a Lutheran? Could it be that you ARE A LUTHERAN?

“It’s my delight to be considered Jewish,” she said. “I am only an honorary Jew, if you will. … But I have never said that I’m Jewish.”

After she says she is an HONORARY JEW, she goes on further to state, "...But I have never said that I'm Jewish." You haven't Nan? But some people out on the Campaign Trail heard you state differently. Surely you are not denying that you have said, even told your friends that, "I am a JEW BY CHOICE?" In fact, I would now point our readers to the Hip Hop Republican the link included below to see where one Ron Kampeas the Washington DC bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency supposedly clears up the mystery, states for the record that you have told your FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE A JEW BY CHOICE.

Forward Magazine provides the answer with a quote from Ron Kampeas the Washington, D.C. bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency : “There’s nothing in Hayworth’s official bio to indicate that she’s of the tribe, though Ron Kampeas at JTA reports that she “was born and raised Lutheran, but is married to a Jew and has told friends she is a ‘Jew by choice’.”

Tell us Nan Hayworth how a Lutheran by SELF PROCLAIMATION can go around pretending to her FRIENDS that she is a Jew? Tell us Nan Hayworth how you sleep at night after DEFRAUDING THE VOTERS about your religion in such and egregious fashion? You are worse than pathetic, have made a mockery of the electoral process, and defrauded not just the voters of District 19 here in NY, but true believers in not one, but TWO FAITHS. I have to believe, that on Judgment Day when you stand before God, that he has a place reserved in hell with your name on it. It is his job to pass judgment on peoples sins, but I would think it is the Ethic's Committee who should open up an investigation into this matter, feel it is the job of the Federal Elections Commission to see if you should be criminally charged with defrauding the voters of New York, and it is the job of the Congress to decide if you should be impeached.

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