Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, you want to know just where Nan Hayworth brown nosing nasal orifice is being stuck these days? Just look at the bills she has Co-Sponsored so far in her very brief Congressional Career so far. It becomes very obvious she has no environmental conscience, and is owned by BIG BUSINESS INTERESTS. She apparently wants to eliminate funding for National Public Radio or NPR, wants to repeal Obama Care, and would support removing Green House Gases from Clean Air Act, so that companies could pollute our air unhindered, and with no worry of being held accountable.

Co-sponsored Bills

BREAKING NEWS...Nan Hayworth's Sunday Event To be Boycotted!

Just found in comments section of article on Nan Hayworth's CLOSED and CONTROLLED event scheduled for tomorrow...A PROTEST?

bennett weiss-author of below comment....

There will be a demonstration outside the event to ask that Hayworth vote against the repeal of heallth care reform.

Of course, it has to be outside the event, since Nan Hayworth is locking most of her constituents out of said Inauguration event, has carefully given the 400 tickets away to ONLY SUPPORTERS of her much for representing ALL THE VOTERS OF DISTRICT 19! We encourage all our readers to grab there protest signs, and show up ENMASSE to encourage our dim witted Ivy League educated Congresswoman to vote AGAINST HEALTH CARE REFORM REPEAL.

Under Guise of Increased Security, Nan Hayworth Denying Constituents Access

I kept my promise...NOW KEEP YOUR DISTANCE....

UBER RICH Nan Hayworth has taken another step to isolate herself from the unclean masses in District 19 as she seeks to take advantage of the Tucson Massacre to control who gets into her public events...GOD FORBID she should have to make a public appearance among commoners here in her district. First, the public event, or notice of it was sent out to SUPPORTERS FIRST, rather than in a press release...thus assuring those in her INNER CIRCLE first access to the tickets that would be available. Secondly, YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH A SECURITY CHECK before being issues a ticket!...what happened to FIRST COME FIRST SERVED?

Full Article

MIDDLETOWN — Guests planning to attend an "inauguration" ceremony for freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth at SUNY Orange Sunday have been told to complete an online "security form" and get approval or they will be barred from the event.

Supporters who requested tickets were told by e-mail this week that because of "heightened security," anyone older than age 5 must submit his or her name, address, phone number and e-mail address.


*note-we did not add those ALL CAPS, the newspaper article did!

*further note-She apparently cannot STAY IN HER OWN DISTRICT, choosing instead to intrude herself into Maurice Hinchey's district...CAN WE SAY WHAT A BITCH?

Nan "Almost a Jew" Hayworth Goes to Washington

So, the teabagger princess, Nan Hayworth has gone to Washington, and the favorite news rag for rabid right wing zealots (The New York Post) covered the event with as much pomp and circumstance as one can give to a almost a Jew woman who loves a bargain...seems she just loves shopping at Target, or as she would quip, quaint there Jen.

The article does share some interesting little factoids on this small of stature UBER RICH, almost Jewish, Lutheran member of the radical group,"Hudson Valley Patriots"...first on the list, her height or should I say lack there of. Seems she stands at 5'2" only if you count her heels, and apparently has a very grating, whiny voice that even her champion (NY Post) compares to that of a Saturday Night live, think of a skinny, shrill of voice Dr. Ruth like character who has a passion for the color red, and clothing that covers her neck.

Most important, we learn just how deceitful and conniving Nan Hayworth is...she presented herself to the voters AS AN OUTSIDER, and yet the more we learn, the more we find out that this woman is SO AN INSIDER THE BELTWAY, WELL CONNECTED GOP palm presser and favor getter/granter. We already know about her connection to disgraced former member of Congress Sue Kelly who was sent packing in 2006...well, seems she is also friends with Ari Fliescher of George Bush fame....not just friends, BUT CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND. Seems that she and her husband Scott have been HOBNOBBING with the UBER CONNECTED inside the beltway for YEARS! much for her saying she was new too short, can we say LIAR?

We also learn she shops at Macy's...she loves dropping names...and has a red pull out couch, and a TV....both apparently bought online. We also learn she is opportunistic in a bird of prey kind of a way, having her campaign staff preying on the losers THE NIGHT OF THE ELECTION in her search for a Washington, DC apartment...I mean how cold hearted can you be? Can hear the conversation now..."So, sorry you lost your bid for re-election, can you tell me about the apartment you are leaving behind?"

Some of her memorable quotes since arriving in Washington DC...

On her experience at Tar Jay, and her reason for loving shopping there she proclaims, " “I love what you can get for a modest sum.”

Curious that how the UBER RICH say, "I'm CHEAP"?

Then we have, “A vote’s been called!” she exclaims, turning around. “Let’s go!”

Golly GEE Nan, such profound statements as you begin your Congressional Career.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rep Nan Hayworth Has NOTHING TO SAY About Tucson Massacre

Sure, Nan Hayworth is new to Congress, but she sure seems surprising silent about the Tucson Massacre this past would have though her office would have put out some kind of a statement expressing sadness, anything to show that this woman has a heart...guess not.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Congressional IP Waving At Nan Hayworth

Gee, Nan Hayworth does not have time to TWEET, but someone on her staff has time (a LOT Of IT) to spend reading my site. Our tax dollars at work...OH, that's right, Boehner pretty well canceled everything this week.

Lets share some of our ISP's from today. Burbank California Suffern Huntington Beach New York, NY Chappaqua, NY

Michelle Rhee of Students First...Her Agenda Seems To Be Age Discrimination Against Baby Boomers

Just watched an interview with Michelle Rhee of Students about a woman who seems to have an agenda aimed squarely at firing Baby Boomers in the teaching profession!

Her agenda...set aside TENURE, set aside the longevity when handing out pink slip in these troubling times. She wants to change the measuring stick for the teaching profession in a way that would FAVOR YOUNG PEOPLE, while pushing those over 50 to the curb. In short, her approach...the fact you have paid your dues, the fact you have sacrificed, given your life to teaching should not mean a thing...if some young snot nosed hot shot comes in FULL OF ENERGY (which most young teachers do for a couple of years), or happens to be more involved in community affairs and events then you, and times get tough, your time in service would not matter, you would be KICKED TO THE CURB, laid off in favor of YOUNG BLOOD.

Can we say carefully cloaked AGE DISCRIMINATION? You visit her website, and it has all the BUZZ WORDS aimed at getting parents excited....we want the best for your kids, we want your money spent right, blah, blah, blah, but what it really comes, is she wants to harpoon senior teaching staff, wants to push them out to pasture in favor of making room for THE NEW GENERATION of teachers.

Baby Boomers need to wake up and plug in...every one from President Obama on down to this upstart Michelle Rhee thinks it is fine to put us in their sights (whoops, not politically correct?), take aim, and discriminate against us....Obamacare and it's prevention based distribution system is awash in example of DENIAL OF CARE to those of us in the Baby Boomer generation, all the politicians wants to cheat us out of Social Security in the name of balancing the budget so that our children and their children are not saddled in debt, and now we have this Michelle Rhee wanting to PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR TEACHING JOBS!

A wake up call to all teachers OVER 50...if Michelle Rhee and her organization have their way, many of you will be pushed out the door, put out to pasture, perhaps (if lucky) forced into taking early retirement....end result....if you lose your job, are over 50, you are looking on average being out of work 41 months before you can find a job again, and it will be one at far less pay!...we must raise our voices against ALL THOSE WHO SEEM BENT ON PUSHING BABY BOOMERS ASIDE, and Michelle Rhee and her organization (Students First) seem to be more than willing to practice CLOAKED Age Discrimination.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday's Tucson Massacre Has Politicians Wanting To Limit Our Freedom of Speech

In proof that Washington DC politicians just do not GET IT, seems there is already a move afoot to pass a law to limit our Freedom of Speech...yesterday is a symptom of a great cancer eating away at the fabric of America, and instead of realizing that, instead of putting politics as usual aside and going about the business of saving our nation, Washington, DC politicians are far more concerned about their own personal safety, want to put aside important National Issues to pass law in haste aimed at taking away more of our rights, and providing themselves with more protection at the taxpayer expense.

As example...I am no big fan of Sarah Palin, she ranks right down there in the slim with Nan Hayworth in my book, but a newly envisioned law to be introduced would make her targeting certain Congressional seats with the use of a scope's cross-hairs a federal crime. She used very well known hunting symbolism...want to argue it was in poor taste, I could agree with that, but making it a Federal Crime?

How about making voting AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE a federal crime? If say sixty percent of Americans are in favor of any given law, it would seem the Congressional votes should break along a 60/40 split, but how often is the will of the people IGNORED? A perfect case in point were the recently passed tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires like say, Sarah Palin, Senator McCain, and our own newly minted Congresswoman Nan Hayworth...who for the record supported those tax cuts for herself and her UBER RICH FRIENDS here in Westchester County NY. E-Verify is another perfect example, and then we could hold a serious discussion of the North American Union that is still moving forward at a fast pace against the will of the people.

None of us can argue that the young man who committed yesterday's atrocious acts has some serious issues, probably emotionally and mentally...but what percentage of his issues can be put right at the foot of our elected officials who have turned their collective backs on average Main Street Americans, and more specifically our youth? Look at the unemployment rate of our youth that is well over FIFTY PERCENT...they see no future for themselves right our politicians care that a lot of the jobs that used to be filled by our youth as they got their foot into the proverbial door are now filled by illegal aliens?

A Arizona Law enforcement officer yesterday basically called us a bunch of bigots...did not take a rocket scientist to realize he was talking about the rising hatred of illegal aliens...since when did hating criminals make us bigots?

A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own or intolerant of people of political views, different ethnicity, race, class, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

So, using his reasoning, should we start talking a blanket AMNESTY for all law breakers, all the criminals here in America? Should we be more open minded and accepting of rapists, murderers or child molesters? Illegal aliens lower American Wages (per year) by over $200 Billion dollars, and on average, depreciate middle and lower incomes by some seven plus percent. 7.5 million illegal aliens have jobs while some 16 million American workers are out of a job...but we are not supposed to HATE THEM? I do hate them, and am not about to hide my own dislike of this particular group of criminals, and that is what they are. Does that make me a bigot? I do not hate illegal aliens because they are say Latin or Irish, or Chinese...I hate them because they are criminals who have violated at least four American laws in being here, in holding a job. Now I have Washington DC politicians who want to stifle my freedom of speech, take away my right to express my opinion on the issue, even in a HEAT MANNER...give us a break, Dick Cheney said FUCK on the Senate Floor.

Deal with the criminals, including the scum who committed yesterdays atrocities, give him the death penalty, and carry it out, but do not use yesterday as an excuse to further curtail our American Civil Liberties, be it our freedom of speech, or our right to own and bear arms for self protection.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today's Shooting a Precursor of Things to Come?

Six people dead, one a Federal Judge who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, another an innocent nine year old girl with her whole life ahead of her. A well liked and respected Congresswoman lays in the Critical Care unit fighting for her life, a bullet entering and exiting her skull at the hands of an angry, perhaps mentally unbalanced young man. Does not matter which news channel you are watching, the pundits are already lining up to spew forth their theories and worries to the great unwashed seems all of them, seems all the politicians are missing the point...the actions of this young man are nothing more than a symptom of a far greater cancer that is eating away at the fabric of our once Great Nation...America, and the American way are dying, and Washington DC, it's politicians are THE PROBLEM.

How many of us watched in shock as the Republicans held unemployment benefits, a 9/11 responders bill, and other important legislation up until tax cuts were given to millionaires and billionaires like Nan Hayworth and her husband? Who among us missed this week the brand new Congress take a test vote on repealing Obamacare, playing politics, positioning themselves for 2012 instead of dealing with a very real fact...almost 20 percent of Americans are either out of work, or under employed, and if you believe the news, things are not going to get any better until at least 2015!

Somewhere between 12-20 million illegal aliens (criminals) have infested our communities, are threatening our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, and what is our Federal government doing about it? Offering these criminals amnesty, allowing them to keep our jobs while we are submitted to full body scans and searches every time we want to fly somewhere. Illegal aliens are stealing jobs, there are 7.5 million illegal aliens working, while over 16 million Americans are out of work, and one of the hardest hit groups is YOUNG PEOPLE...young people like the one who today gunned down 19 people, killing six of them, mortally wounding at least five others...

Yet listen to your news channel...there is no introspection going on with our politicians in the nation's capital...instead, there is outrage that someone, anyone dared attacked them. I do not condone the actions of this vile man who committed what is political assassination, but I am not going to be so naive that I assume his act exists within a's violence needs to be a wake up call for our is time once again to get back to the basic premise of self preservation, "America First", and that means our politicians need too lock their doors to the special interest lobbyists of K Street, it means ENFORCING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, rather than calling for an immigration reform that includes Amnesty for up to 20 million criminals. It means standing up to Mexico, and CLOSING OUR BORDER tight, using where necessary military troops. It means ending the war in Afghanistan that we simply cannot afford to fight.

It means we as citizens need to stand up and be heard through our words, and yes our actions. If you have allowed illegal aliens to cut your grass, clean your home, or care for your kids, hand them their walking papers. If you go into a store, and all the items you want are made in China, go up to the store manager and tell him you will NO LONGER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS MADE IN, OR COMES FROM CHINA...China relies on America for 43 percent of its sales to the world....we need to bring that figure down to under 20 percent.

We as a nation need to stop our slide down into Anarchy, and that slide can only be stopped when our laws MEAN SOMETHING, when our politicians represent WE THE PEOPLE instead of corporate interests. Today's tragic events that have claimed the lives of so many innocent people needs to serve as a wake up call for all Americans. We have the power to take back our nation from dishonest and corrupt politicians, we have the power to bring jobs back to America, and we have the power to evict those here illegally, but it can only happen if we individually and in groups get involved to effect change.

One person not buying goods made in China will not effect change, will not bring China in line, force them to play on a level playing field...but one MILLIONS OF US refuse to buy goods made in China, American businesses will quickly get a clue...ask yourselves how well all those cheap goods have served you in the long run? Demand goods made and produced in America, and our GOOD PAYING JOBS will return. Stop hiring illegal aliens, stop frequently businesses and service providers that use illegal aliens, and THEY WILL GET A is criminal that over 60 percent of America's (as example) are illegal aliens. Demand that your politicians immediate FAST TRACK FULL AND MANDATORY USE OF E-VERIFY for all current and future employees....this will SHUT DOWN THE JOBS MAGNET.

Every event has a before and a after....

Let us not waste today's spilled blood, but instead use this tragic event as a rally point from which we can return America to it's proper position as the number one nation in the entire world.

Rep.Gabrielle Giffords, Six Others Dead in Safeway Shooting

First, my deepest sympathies to Rep Gabrielle Giffords family, the families of the other six victims in today's mass shooting at a Tucson Arizona Safeway. This is a tragic and sad incidence, and my heart breaks for these families, and angered at this senseless act of violence.

We have the right to be angry at our government, we have the right to PEACEFULLY RAISE OUR VOICES in protest, but there is NEVER any justification for violent acts. This tragic event needs to be a wake up call to all Americans, and to our politicians...SET POLITICS ASIDE, and let us start searching for REAL SOLUTIONS to our nation's problems, instead of pushing them further down the road. America is a nation in crisis, a nation on the verge of slipping into anarchy as desperate individuals seek answers for their own desperate times by taking actions such as the one we are all now watching unfold on the National News.

Today, I am not proud to be an American, sick that our government has pushed it's Main Street Americans to their breaking point. We need to wake up, we need special interest taken out of politics, we need politicians that are willing to boldly vote for what is best for America, and our citizens, and I would call on every politician to search their hearts, and if you are in politics for all the wrong reasons, for your own self enrichment, or to further your own narrow agenda, I respectfully call on you too tenure your resignations.

Breaking News....CNN has retracted the news of the Congresswoman's death...she is currently in surgery, has been shot in the head.

Was the shooter affiliated with the Tea Party Movement...chatter has it that the shooting comes from the rabid right wing turd stirring of the Republican Party....if this is true, does Nan Hayworth, and every radical right wing Republican bear a certain amount of responsibility for today's events?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Scott and Nan Hayworth FLAUNT THEIR WEALTH in Washington, DC

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, seems the Scott and Nan Hayworth were flaunting their wealth as they celebrated her arrival in Washington, DC...parties, parties, parties (they hosted not one, but TWO) at the renowned City Club (members only...BUT OF COURSE). The filthy rich couple also hosted a THIRD EVENT to show off her new office, and if rumor is too be believed, a FORTH EVENT at her new digs just blocks from her office.

The couple hosted a private reception for family, friends and political supporters at the City Club of Washington on Tuesday night. Guests included residents of all five counties in the 19th Congressional District — Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Rockland.

They also held an open house at the new congresswoman's offices on Wednesday and another reception at the Capitol Hill Club that evening.

"We felt that if people came to Washington, we wanted to show them our appreciation,'' Scott Hayworth said.

Nan Hayworth's Congressional Website Is Up

For those who are wanting to track the lackluster career of newly minted Uber Rich fake Jew Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (she is Lutheran, but claims to be Jew by choice) her official website is up. As you might expect, it is pretty boilerplate and BORING...this fits in with her inability to even do Twitter correctly since getting elected back on November 3rd, 2010...she had promised to keep us involved through short timely twitter posts, and yet has now gone over TWO MONTHS without ONE TWEET!

Meanwhile, in breaking news today, she voted to REPEAL Obamacare, thus signaling her willingness to take away the ability to have insurance for all those with pre-existing conditions, showed she wants to deny senior citizens more affordable prescription drugs, is willing to see millions of young Americans (who cannot find jobs in our FAILING ECONOMY) be dropped from their parents policies. Furthermore, Debt Hawk Nan Hayworth's vote to repeal Obamacare shows her willingness to add 200 BILLION to the Federal Deficit over the next ten years.

GREAT START NAN HAYWORTH....pretty much what we expected from you in your first couple of days in office.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Freshman Congresswoman Nan Hayworth No Media Darling

Perhaps because she is a wall flower, perhaps because she is very stilted in her personal presentation, or perhaps because she is just plain boring, one thing is becoming very noticeable about District 19's newly minted Congresswoman...the press for the most part is not interested in her or her rabidly pro BIG BUSINESS, radical right wing rantings...NOT EVEN FOX is using her. So, despite her rantings, she is shaping up to be a very weak and ineffectual representative for the voters of our District. If your voice is not appreciated by, sought out by the major purveyors of news, you are a loser...not even in office, and Nan Hayworth has for the most part been dismissed as just another face in the crowd. But then, having watched her public appearances, her delivery bears a striking resemblance to that of the Wicked Witch in the "Wizzard of Oz".