Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday's Tucson Massacre Has Politicians Wanting To Limit Our Freedom of Speech

In proof that Washington DC politicians just do not GET IT, seems there is already a move afoot to pass a law to limit our Freedom of Speech...yesterday is a symptom of a great cancer eating away at the fabric of America, and instead of realizing that, instead of putting politics as usual aside and going about the business of saving our nation, Washington, DC politicians are far more concerned about their own personal safety, want to put aside important National Issues to pass law in haste aimed at taking away more of our rights, and providing themselves with more protection at the taxpayer expense.

As example...I am no big fan of Sarah Palin, she ranks right down there in the slim with Nan Hayworth in my book, but a newly envisioned law to be introduced would make her targeting certain Congressional seats with the use of a scope's cross-hairs a federal crime. She used very well known hunting symbolism...want to argue it was in poor taste, I could agree with that, but making it a Federal Crime?

How about making voting AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE a federal crime? If say sixty percent of Americans are in favor of any given law, it would seem the Congressional votes should break along a 60/40 split, but how often is the will of the people IGNORED? A perfect case in point were the recently passed tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires like say, Sarah Palin, Senator McCain, and our own newly minted Congresswoman Nan Hayworth...who for the record supported those tax cuts for herself and her UBER RICH FRIENDS here in Westchester County NY. E-Verify is another perfect example, and then we could hold a serious discussion of the North American Union that is still moving forward at a fast pace against the will of the people.

None of us can argue that the young man who committed yesterday's atrocious acts has some serious issues, probably emotionally and mentally...but what percentage of his issues can be put right at the foot of our elected officials who have turned their collective backs on average Main Street Americans, and more specifically our youth? Look at the unemployment rate of our youth that is well over FIFTY PERCENT...they see no future for themselves right our politicians care that a lot of the jobs that used to be filled by our youth as they got their foot into the proverbial door are now filled by illegal aliens?

A Arizona Law enforcement officer yesterday basically called us a bunch of bigots...did not take a rocket scientist to realize he was talking about the rising hatred of illegal aliens...since when did hating criminals make us bigots?

A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own or intolerant of people of political views, different ethnicity, race, class, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

So, using his reasoning, should we start talking a blanket AMNESTY for all law breakers, all the criminals here in America? Should we be more open minded and accepting of rapists, murderers or child molesters? Illegal aliens lower American Wages (per year) by over $200 Billion dollars, and on average, depreciate middle and lower incomes by some seven plus percent. 7.5 million illegal aliens have jobs while some 16 million American workers are out of a job...but we are not supposed to HATE THEM? I do hate them, and am not about to hide my own dislike of this particular group of criminals, and that is what they are. Does that make me a bigot? I do not hate illegal aliens because they are say Latin or Irish, or Chinese...I hate them because they are criminals who have violated at least four American laws in being here, in holding a job. Now I have Washington DC politicians who want to stifle my freedom of speech, take away my right to express my opinion on the issue, even in a HEAT MANNER...give us a break, Dick Cheney said FUCK on the Senate Floor.

Deal with the criminals, including the scum who committed yesterdays atrocities, give him the death penalty, and carry it out, but do not use yesterday as an excuse to further curtail our American Civil Liberties, be it our freedom of speech, or our right to own and bear arms for self protection.

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