Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today's Shooting a Precursor of Things to Come?

Six people dead, one a Federal Judge who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, another an innocent nine year old girl with her whole life ahead of her. A well liked and respected Congresswoman lays in the Critical Care unit fighting for her life, a bullet entering and exiting her skull at the hands of an angry, perhaps mentally unbalanced young man. Does not matter which news channel you are watching, the pundits are already lining up to spew forth their theories and worries to the great unwashed seems all of them, seems all the politicians are missing the point...the actions of this young man are nothing more than a symptom of a far greater cancer that is eating away at the fabric of our once Great Nation...America, and the American way are dying, and Washington DC, it's politicians are THE PROBLEM.

How many of us watched in shock as the Republicans held unemployment benefits, a 9/11 responders bill, and other important legislation up until tax cuts were given to millionaires and billionaires like Nan Hayworth and her husband? Who among us missed this week the brand new Congress take a test vote on repealing Obamacare, playing politics, positioning themselves for 2012 instead of dealing with a very real fact...almost 20 percent of Americans are either out of work, or under employed, and if you believe the news, things are not going to get any better until at least 2015!

Somewhere between 12-20 million illegal aliens (criminals) have infested our communities, are threatening our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, and what is our Federal government doing about it? Offering these criminals amnesty, allowing them to keep our jobs while we are submitted to full body scans and searches every time we want to fly somewhere. Illegal aliens are stealing jobs, there are 7.5 million illegal aliens working, while over 16 million Americans are out of work, and one of the hardest hit groups is YOUNG PEOPLE...young people like the one who today gunned down 19 people, killing six of them, mortally wounding at least five others...

Yet listen to your news channel...there is no introspection going on with our politicians in the nation's capital...instead, there is outrage that someone, anyone dared attacked them. I do not condone the actions of this vile man who committed what is political assassination, but I am not going to be so naive that I assume his act exists within a's violence needs to be a wake up call for our is time once again to get back to the basic premise of self preservation, "America First", and that means our politicians need too lock their doors to the special interest lobbyists of K Street, it means ENFORCING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, rather than calling for an immigration reform that includes Amnesty for up to 20 million criminals. It means standing up to Mexico, and CLOSING OUR BORDER tight, using where necessary military troops. It means ending the war in Afghanistan that we simply cannot afford to fight.

It means we as citizens need to stand up and be heard through our words, and yes our actions. If you have allowed illegal aliens to cut your grass, clean your home, or care for your kids, hand them their walking papers. If you go into a store, and all the items you want are made in China, go up to the store manager and tell him you will NO LONGER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS MADE IN, OR COMES FROM CHINA...China relies on America for 43 percent of its sales to the world....we need to bring that figure down to under 20 percent.

We as a nation need to stop our slide down into Anarchy, and that slide can only be stopped when our laws MEAN SOMETHING, when our politicians represent WE THE PEOPLE instead of corporate interests. Today's tragic events that have claimed the lives of so many innocent people needs to serve as a wake up call for all Americans. We have the power to take back our nation from dishonest and corrupt politicians, we have the power to bring jobs back to America, and we have the power to evict those here illegally, but it can only happen if we individually and in groups get involved to effect change.

One person not buying goods made in China will not effect change, will not bring China in line, force them to play on a level playing field...but one MILLIONS OF US refuse to buy goods made in China, American businesses will quickly get a clue...ask yourselves how well all those cheap goods have served you in the long run? Demand goods made and produced in America, and our GOOD PAYING JOBS will return. Stop hiring illegal aliens, stop frequently businesses and service providers that use illegal aliens, and THEY WILL GET A is criminal that over 60 percent of America's (as example) are illegal aliens. Demand that your politicians immediate FAST TRACK FULL AND MANDATORY USE OF E-VERIFY for all current and future employees....this will SHUT DOWN THE JOBS MAGNET.

Every event has a before and a after....

Let us not waste today's spilled blood, but instead use this tragic event as a rally point from which we can return America to it's proper position as the number one nation in the entire world.

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