Monday, January 10, 2011

Michelle Rhee of Students First...Her Agenda Seems To Be Age Discrimination Against Baby Boomers

Just watched an interview with Michelle Rhee of Students about a woman who seems to have an agenda aimed squarely at firing Baby Boomers in the teaching profession!

Her agenda...set aside TENURE, set aside the longevity when handing out pink slip in these troubling times. She wants to change the measuring stick for the teaching profession in a way that would FAVOR YOUNG PEOPLE, while pushing those over 50 to the curb. In short, her approach...the fact you have paid your dues, the fact you have sacrificed, given your life to teaching should not mean a thing...if some young snot nosed hot shot comes in FULL OF ENERGY (which most young teachers do for a couple of years), or happens to be more involved in community affairs and events then you, and times get tough, your time in service would not matter, you would be KICKED TO THE CURB, laid off in favor of YOUNG BLOOD.

Can we say carefully cloaked AGE DISCRIMINATION? You visit her website, and it has all the BUZZ WORDS aimed at getting parents excited....we want the best for your kids, we want your money spent right, blah, blah, blah, but what it really comes, is she wants to harpoon senior teaching staff, wants to push them out to pasture in favor of making room for THE NEW GENERATION of teachers.

Baby Boomers need to wake up and plug in...every one from President Obama on down to this upstart Michelle Rhee thinks it is fine to put us in their sights (whoops, not politically correct?), take aim, and discriminate against us....Obamacare and it's prevention based distribution system is awash in example of DENIAL OF CARE to those of us in the Baby Boomer generation, all the politicians wants to cheat us out of Social Security in the name of balancing the budget so that our children and their children are not saddled in debt, and now we have this Michelle Rhee wanting to PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR TEACHING JOBS!

A wake up call to all teachers OVER 50...if Michelle Rhee and her organization have their way, many of you will be pushed out the door, put out to pasture, perhaps (if lucky) forced into taking early retirement....end result....if you lose your job, are over 50, you are looking on average being out of work 41 months before you can find a job again, and it will be one at far less pay!...we must raise our voices against ALL THOSE WHO SEEM BENT ON PUSHING BABY BOOMERS ASIDE, and Michelle Rhee and her organization (Students First) seem to be more than willing to practice CLOAKED Age Discrimination.

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