Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep.Gabrielle Giffords, Six Others Dead in Safeway Shooting

First, my deepest sympathies to Rep Gabrielle Giffords family, the families of the other six victims in today's mass shooting at a Tucson Arizona Safeway. This is a tragic and sad incidence, and my heart breaks for these families, and angered at this senseless act of violence.

We have the right to be angry at our government, we have the right to PEACEFULLY RAISE OUR VOICES in protest, but there is NEVER any justification for violent acts. This tragic event needs to be a wake up call to all Americans, and to our politicians...SET POLITICS ASIDE, and let us start searching for REAL SOLUTIONS to our nation's problems, instead of pushing them further down the road. America is a nation in crisis, a nation on the verge of slipping into anarchy as desperate individuals seek answers for their own desperate times by taking actions such as the one we are all now watching unfold on the National News.

Today, I am not proud to be an American, sick that our government has pushed it's Main Street Americans to their breaking point. We need to wake up, we need special interest taken out of politics, we need politicians that are willing to boldly vote for what is best for America, and our citizens, and I would call on every politician to search their hearts, and if you are in politics for all the wrong reasons, for your own self enrichment, or to further your own narrow agenda, I respectfully call on you too tenure your resignations.

Breaking News....CNN has retracted the news of the Congresswoman's death...she is currently in surgery, has been shot in the head.

Was the shooter affiliated with the Tea Party Movement...chatter has it that the shooting comes from the rabid right wing turd stirring of the Republican Party....if this is true, does Nan Hayworth, and every radical right wing Republican bear a certain amount of responsibility for today's events?

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