Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Coming Soon...Our Nan Hayworth Tracker on FACEBOOK

Just an FYI...look for us on Facebook soon. Also, look for a Fan Page aimed at defeating Nan in 2012...also, for those like like a little fun, follow our Nan Hayworth Spoof in YoVille as we decorate her new Washington DC apartment! In other tech news, we are working today to create seamless posting to our all major Social Media sites as we position ourselves for the 2012 Election Cycle.

Nan Hayworth's QUESTIONABLE New Hires

Well, well, well...some new broken promises to share, as well as new hires...

Nan Hayworth promised the voters here in District 19 here in NY that she would represent, hear and communicate with all voters, not just those who supported her. Now as many who follow us here and on Twitter know, this lying two faced overly pampered dyed in the wool inside the beltway Republican Boehner stamper has not bothered tweeting us the voters since her Victory Tweet on November 3rd. Well, seems though that HER SUPPORTERS are getting informative NEWSLETTERS keeping them abreast of her antics...such as a SUPPORTERS THANK YOU PARTY...paid for by we wonder who? Can't TWEET all of us, but you can send cloak and dagger private emails to your supporters Nan?

In this newsletter we have learned, that she announced two of her new hires...talk about more of the same...her low life Cheif of Staff worked on Senator John McCain's FAILED bid to be president of the United States back in 2008. You know, the same lying, cheating oppose real of NADT but support AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens John McCain...the man who was a mediocre sailer that crashed FOUR PLANES, and cheated on the wife that stood by his side the whole time he was a POW.

Sure, lets applaud the hiring of Jonathan Day...NOT! Washington INSIDER, PART OF THE PROBLEM Jonathan Day! This BOZO apparently had plans from the get go to be on the public dole, sucking on the teat of the American Tax Payer...seems he is currently working for Georgia GOP Rep. Tom Price and the Republican Study Committee (an official office of the Caucus of House Conservatives).

Then we have Rob DiFrancesco hired as the district coordinator...Croton on the Hudson is about all any of us need to know to realize she is hiring a staff of insiders, is not bringing change to Washington DC, but inside hiring pure gold Republican Party Operatives, repaying favors in a BIG WAY.
Off the grapevine: We hear from knowledgeable sources that the failure to secure the traditional Republican line on the Croton ballot has been pinned on Rob DiFrancesco. The young Mr. DiFrancesco has been serving as Chief of Staff to New York State Assemblyman Greg Ball and as Chairman of the Croton Republican Committee.
Then this...wonder how much money his family has by the way?
Rob DiFrancesco WikiGrain: Rob DiFrancesco
...Robert E. DiFrancesco (b. March 29, 1987) is an American politician from the state of New York. DiFrancesco was elected chairman of the Croton on Hudson Republican Party in September 2005, and served into 2007. At the time of his election DiFrancesco was just 18 years old, making him the youngest elected Party chairman in New York State history.

For those numbnuts who have elected another Sue Kelly clone, hope you are happy...For the rest of us, lets make sure we are on the ground and running long before the 2012 election cycle...HELL, we could even launch a real Independent Candidate.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Readers...Some Holiday Questions for Nan Hayworth

First, hoping everyone here in District 19 had a beautiful time with their familys, had lots of things to be thankful for in this depressed economy as we suffer through a jobless recovery, some 16 million American citizens out of work, while some seven and a half illegal aliens have jobs in our workforce. As you contemplate that fact, let it settle into your reality, remember that was George W. Bush, Senator John McCain who wanted to grant Illegal Aliens AMNESTY, let them keep your jobs (if you are one of the unemployed)...this is a position that Nan Hayworth supports. Sure, she can all it a pathway to citizenship, but what she supports is both a tax Amnesty, and AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens who have violated no less than four laws (two of them felonies) in being in this country, and holding a job.
Now it has been established that Congresswoman Nan Hayworth and her hubbie Scott are loaded, a part of the UBER rich upper five percent of American Families. I also know intimately the neighborhood they live in. With few exceptions, most families in her neighborhood employ people to do tasks they feel beneath them...house cleaning, lawn work and the like. More disturbing, a large majority of these families KNOWINGLY are allowing Illegal Aliens to do this work, rather than employing American workers.
So Nan Hayworth...
1. Do you have domestic help to do your menial labor such as house cleaning and your lawn?
2. If yes, have you VERIFIED the legal status of these people you are employing? This question would also apply to any cleaning staff/lawn maintenance people you or your husband employ at your various offices and medical groups.
3. Have you verified (if you are using outside companies) that they are not employing and deploying to your property illegal aliens?
You are held to a higher standard now that you are a Congresswoman Nan, and not sure why, call it a hunch, but guessing a reporter doing due diligence might find that the Hayworth clan has in fact and deed employed illegal aliens.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth FORGOT HOW TO BLOG TOO!

Just a Sunday night update at our missing Congresswoman Nan (I lied) Hayworth. She had promised us to stay in touch, to communicate with us freguently if she were elected...if her Tweet presense, or lack there of is an example, she lied. Eighteen days now, and Nan has be Missing in Action (MIA) from Twitter, her last tweet appearing on November 3rd...even though she was given a brand new Congressonal Blackberry this week, still no TWEETS. Well, a quick look at her OFFICIAL BLOG shows us she has also forgotten how to blog as well.
Apparently, her promise to stay in communication with her constituents was a false promise, just another campaign promise she planned on breaking.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven Levels of Connection...Everyone Knows Everyone

The Seven Levels of Connection...

So was looking at our statistics today, and within that Data Flow, the name of Jon Kamen came up with Bedford Hills. Odd, so I looked into it. Jon Kamen it seems is the successful CEO of @radicalmedia which is headquartered in New York, though he lives in Bedford...still rang no bells, so I wondered and searched some more.

Turns out he is the same Jon Kamen who filmed and donated a video to the Gala Party that Nan and Scott Hayworth had attended to benefit a hospitial. Interesting to see who visits this site, and how they get here. Be interesting to go to Nan's FEC list of donors and see who comes up...already found out that Sue Kelly is on that list.

Gala Party Article


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Staying Up With TAGS....office of congresswoman nan hayworth

If you want to stay up with the times, position yourself for the 2012 Election, you have to postition yourself in the search engines...thanks for the person tracking me from Katonah that just gave me this new TAG to add: Office of Congresswoman Nan Hayworth...it's a keeper in my tag list now, so thanks for the heads up! Hmmmm....doesn't Sue Kelly live in Katonah....nahhhhh....she would not be watching little old me.

Then this one from BEDFORD is another great tag! ny rep nan hayworth bedford You guys and all your GREAT HELP in this! Every time you visit, I just get more and more good stuff to help me in positioning myself...maybe I can help get a REAL INDEPENDENT elected in 2012! One not bought and paid for.

Did Congresswoman Nan Hayworth BUY HER SEAT IN CONGRESS?

I am one of those that feels wealthy Americans should not be allowed to buy their seats in any election, and it is a spectacle that occurs far to frequently in these troubled times with Mayor Bloomberg the most notable example here in New York...he used his money and muscle to even have the term limit laws changed so he could continue to be mayor of his fiefdom. I have alleged and believe that Nan Hayworth has done the same, using her own money, and connections to buy a governmental position she is undeserving to hold.

Even more disturbing, she did it in a way that will allow her too RECOUP every penny of her and her husbands money she invested into her campaign...see, she did not give her campaign $400 thousand dollars, but instead LENT HER CAMPAIGN $400,000 dollars! The day she got elected to Congress, she provided herself access to the big pocket donors who would PAY HER BACK!

Curious here...how many average Americans have $400,000 CASH ON HAND to lend their campaign for public office? Further, how can this woman who painted herself out as ONE OF US really know us when she is THAT RICH? The Tea Party supposedly wants change in Washington, but in backing Nan Hayworth seems to have sent back to Congress two more years of the self serving antics we had to tolerate when Sue Kelly represented our district.

Hayworth loans her campaign another $150,000


Republican congressional candidate Nan Hayworth loaned her campaign another $150,000 in the first quarter of this year, upping her total personal commitment to $400,000.

In a press release, Hayworth’s campaign said it had $659,000 in cash as of March 31.

Hayworth is seeking the Republican nomination to run against two-term Democratic Rep. John Hall of Dover in the 19th Congressional District.

Three other Republicans and one independent have indicated interest in the GOP nomination.

First quarter campaign finance reports are required to be filed with the Federal Election Commission by midnight Thursday.

IT's OFFICIAL...Nan Hayworth IS NOT A JEW, but a LIAR!

Ok, it's official, Congresswoman Nan Hayworth IS NOT A JEW, so all the Jewish Newspapers trying to claim her as one can stop doing so...instead, she is a master manipulator, a LIAR IN THE FIRST DEGREE...oh, but of course, she is a politician.

Now, if I was a voter who had been duped by Nan Hayworth, in an angry frustrated fit it would be ever so tempting to say she was a lying, deceitful cunt bitch, but that would be just so wrong, so politically incorrect, that I would NEVER GO THERE...first, being a male, I would have every woman in the USA calling me a rude, obnoxious, nasty mouthed male chauvinist pig...never mind that it is OK for female candidates to tell us men, "To Man Up" and not have their own remarks considered as sexiest.

Now if I were a Palin, in a fit of rage, I could probably get away with such a remark, if Willow's homophobic bigoted rant on Facebook is any example...CNN all but defended her actions on their news tonight explaining to us that being the child of a woman as famous as Sarah Palin puts Willow under an enormous and unfair amount of pressure, especially if she is out on Social Media Sites such as...well, Facebook. (For those with your head in the sand, Willow called a young Facebooker gay, then went on further to call him a Faggot...good job at child rearing there Sarah Palin.)

Anyway, lets get back to Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, and so many people in the Jewish Community wanting to claim her as a Jew...SHE IS NOT...her words, not mine, though she worked very hard to CREATE the illusion that she is. In fact, she went to GREAT STRIDES to convince some people she was Lutheran, and others that she was/is a Jew.

First, from her own Facebook Page, and reported here.

“I’m a Lutheran who’s a good Jewish mother,” she said, quoting her Facebook page.

So then, it's official, Nan Hayworth by her own words, and by her own Facebook Page states for the record she is a LUTHERAN...while at the same time, and in the same breath saying, BUT I AM ALSO A GOOD JEWISH MOTHER...what, because you do guilt well? No Nan, you are not a Jew, so you cannot be a GOOD JEWISH MOTHER.

But then, in the SAME ARTICLE, Nan's own words go on to clarify further that she is not a Jew, but CONSIDERED JEWISH...an HONORARY JEW if you will...sure I will piss a lot of people off here, but I have a QUESTION for Nan Hayworth. "Can you tell me if any HONORARY JEW was sent to a deathcamp Nan, were any HONORARY JEWS murdered in the HOLOCAUST Congresswoman Hayworth?" Being a Jew is not something you pick up and put down when it is convenient to you. If you believe so much in the Jewish Faith, why haven't you converted in all those years you have been a PRETEND JEW...could it be as your Facebook states, that you see yourself as a Lutheran? Could it be that you ARE A LUTHERAN?

“It’s my delight to be considered Jewish,” she said. “I am only an honorary Jew, if you will. … But I have never said that I’m Jewish.”

After she says she is an HONORARY JEW, she goes on further to state, "...But I have never said that I'm Jewish." You haven't Nan? But some people out on the Campaign Trail heard you state differently. Surely you are not denying that you have said, even told your friends that, "I am a JEW BY CHOICE?" In fact, I would now point our readers to the Hip Hop Republican the link included below to see where one Ron Kampeas the Washington DC bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency supposedly clears up the mystery, states for the record that you have told your FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE A JEW BY CHOICE.


Forward Magazine provides the answer with a quote from Ron Kampeas the Washington, D.C. bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency : “There’s nothing in Hayworth’s official bio to indicate that she’s of the tribe, though Ron Kampeas at JTA reports that she “was born and raised Lutheran, but is married to a Jew and has told friends she is a ‘Jew by choice’.”

Tell us Nan Hayworth how a Lutheran by SELF PROCLAIMATION can go around pretending to her FRIENDS that she is a Jew? Tell us Nan Hayworth how you sleep at night after DEFRAUDING THE VOTERS about your religion in such and egregious fashion? You are worse than pathetic, have made a mockery of the electoral process, and defrauded not just the voters of District 19 here in NY, but true believers in not one, but TWO FAITHS. I have to believe, that on Judgment Day when you stand before God, that he has a place reserved in hell with your name on it. It is his job to pass judgment on peoples sins, but I would think it is the Ethic's Committee who should open up an investigation into this matter, feel it is the job of the Federal Elections Commission to see if you should be criminally charged with defrauding the voters of New York, and it is the job of the Congress to decide if you should be impeached.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Values of Tea Party Movement...That Nan Hayworth is Associated With

One of Nan Hayworth's big backers is the Tea Party...granted, Nan has tried to walk a tight rope without a net on this, because she really was HAND CHOSEN by the power brokers inside the beltway...that reality would have probably sent John Hall back to Congress if he had done a better job at pointing it out to the voters, so Nan's ties to the Tea Party were convenient for her, and we are learning, Nan is all about CONVENIENCE. Bottom line is, Nan Hayworth is in deep with the Tea Party, and it's self crowed and self absorbed leader, Sarah Palin. A bit part of both of these women's appeal is their supposed family values...lets look at that for a moment in light of Bristol and Willow Palin's OUTBURST ON FACEBOOK.

At first blush, sure some would just love to dismiss the conversation on Facebook, pretend it is just kids being kids. That is too easy. Just like Bristol's getting pregnant out of wedlock is a reflection of her mother's failure to instill proper values, just as it is a example of Sarah Palin failing to properly monitor her childrens actions and behaviors, this latest Facebook incident brings up serious questions about Sarah Palin...what kind of a corrupted value system has she shown her children for them to make some of the remarks they have made? Let's examine them, shall we?

Now this online shouting match if you will started when someone commented on Facebook that they did not like Sarah's new show...so what, I do not like Fox News, and have no problems letting that fact be know publicly. Apparently, Bristol and Willow TOOK OFFENSE in a big way, and exhibited some very bigoted homophobic attitudes in choice of words.

Bristol You're running your mouth just to talk shit.

What if Tre was? Are we not allowed to express opinions Bristol, even if you happen to not agree with them? I mean come on, the whole Momma Grizzly/fishing thing could not have been MORE STAGED, though sure the tea baggers were peeing themselves with glee at that one.

Bristol No you just run your mouth so you'll get a reaction. You're a typical shit talker. Talking shit because you have nothing else going for you. (she rambled on after this)...

Already getting personal, hitting below the belt with her, "you have nothing else going for you." My reaction here, is I am surprised Sarah Palin has not done a better job of teaching her children not to engage, not to plug into this kind of thing...but then, we are talking Sarah Palin, she who sees herself as America's Goddess In Chief.

Apparently, this is where Willow decided to jump in...

Willow Don't watch it dumb shit.

Followed by...

Willow And Matt. Your effin fat as hell. Stfu (Shut the Fuck Up)

At this point, one could say, "OK, the Palin kids have potty mouths and move on, but THERE IS MORE, much more.

Willow Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are. But what I've seen pictures of, your disgusting...my sister had a kid and is still hot...

WOW...talk about online BULLY! First, the homophobic, "your so gay" followed by telling (assuming Tre) he is DISGUSTING...is this how Sarah and Todd have taught their children to deal with others in life? Denigrate them, make bigoted remarks, freely toss up onto Facebook homophobic insults? For the record, just from my own perspective, Bristol is not hot, and could probably stand to lose a few pounds.

That said, it quickly takes a serious UGLY TURN when Willow REALLY LETS LOOSE...

Willow Tre stfu. Your such a faggot.

DING DING DING...there is no going back, Willow just stepped WAY OUT OF BOUNDS! She dropped the big homophobic F BOMB on Tre! Where are the Log Cabin Republicans crying foul, demanding an apology? Where is CNN and Fox News covering this story. The highest profile Republican and Tea Party darling's daughter just publicly called someone a faggot...we have a TEACHABLE MOMENT HERE, even if it would ruin any slim chance Sarah Palin might have to be Goddess In Chief in 2012. Will then keeps on going...mind you, Bristol STARTED THIS, is apparently close by, even perhaps egging her little sister on!

Willow Ha what an effin jokester you are. Stop talkin shit about my family.

Hasn't Sarah Palin and her handlers told their kids they are PUBLIC FIGURES, are under the microscope...book deals, reality TV programs, no talent Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. You just don't run up to Facebook and start a fight because someone does not like your mother's show! Even worse, is the venomous hatred and bigotry shown in Bristol's choice of words, her gutter mouth, and last but not least, poor use of the English language. Willow continues on, further showing her ignorance and ill temper...

Willow You weren't trying to be disrespectful? Are you kidding me? You fucking posted it on Facebook

If you follow Bristol and Willow, tie together the reasoning, it seems that any one posting a negative opinion about the Palin family is A) being disrespectful, and B) is a faggot. Does that about cover it Bristol and Willow?

There is more to the sad commentary, Bristol stating one person, (Tre) '"has always been such an awkward kid..." as if she is fully in her right to make such a judgmental observation about any one. Talk about people living in glass houses...hello Bristol, you were apparently fucking enough as a teen without protection to have an OUT OF WED LOCK CHILD.

Basic bottom line...where are people like Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth in CONDEMNING they remarks, in pointing out the BULLYING BE DONE BY THE PALIN's? Guess these types of antics, this kind of homophobic slur tossing is OK if it is done by one of Nan's own circle and her family?...a fellow teabagger, a fellow Republican, a fellow woman, a fellow Mom?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth in DC, Blog Traffic EXPLODES

So, Nan Hayworth is in Washington, dining with lobbyists, going to parties paid for with our tax dollars, and accepting Freshman Freebies...like tell us about that new Congressional Blackberry Nan! Yet still, you cannot TWEET?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Even Before Her Election Nan Hayworth Was SELLING ACCESS at $500 PER HOUR!

Even before the November election that saw her become Congresswoman in waiting, Nan Hayworth and her trainer (Boehner) were selling access to her at $500 an hour...and that was just to attend the cocktail hour...no telling what amount of money it would take to have a few minutes alone with.

The Hayworth invitation is below:

The Friends of Nan Hayworth

Request the pleasure of your company for a reception with
John A. Boehner House Republican Leader


ON OCT. 25, 2010, 4:30 PM TO 5:30 PM
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP
150 E. 42nd St., Room 21B (21st Floor, Main Conference Room) New York, N.Y.
Individual $500.00

It is noted that Eric Cantor held a similar event for Nan Hayworth, charging you $500 to have a slice of pizza with her!

WOW....New Freshmen Republicans NUMBERS PUBLISHED!

I'm sharing this list here, not because I support the TEABAGGERS (which for the record, I do not) but because I think every day average citizens should be able to reach out and communicate with their elected officials, rather than just the UBER RICH....so, here is the list...ENJOY. Note, this list was OUTED by the Tea Party...I am just sharing it here.

I would encourage all of you to reach out and give these elected officials your thoughts on the state of our nation, on the wrong wars we are involved with in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as how you feel about 16 million Americans are out of work while Congress contemplates AMNESTY for 7.5 million illegal aliens that still have jobs in our economy.

Contact Info for Newly Elected Congressmen
Dist First Name Last Name Phone Email
AL-02 Martha Roby - (334) 315-1925 - martharoby@gmail.com
AL-05 Mo Brooks - (256) 652-3833 - mbrooks@leo-law.com
AR-01 Rick Crawford - (870) 919-0305 - erc@meetrickcrawford.com
AR-02 Tim Griffin - (501) 837-5190 - griffinjag@comcast.net
AR-03 Steve Womack - (479) 936-0234 - womackforcongress@gmail.com
AZ-01 Paul Gosar - (928) 853-6225 - paul@drgosar.com
AZ-03 Benjamin Quayle - (602) 616-6837 - bquayle@tynwaldcapital.com
AZ-05 Dave Schweikert - (602) 619-3330 - dave@david10.com
CA-19 Jeff Denham - (831) 595-6785 - jeff_denham@yahoo.com
CA-20 Andy Vidak - andy@vidakforcongress.com
CO-03 Scott Tipton - (970) 560-2631 - scottrtipton@yahoo.com
CO-04 Cory Gardner - (970) 597-0123 - cory@corygardner.net
FL-02 Steve Southerland - (850) 258-9082 - steve@southerlandforcongress.com
FL-05 Richard Nugent - (352) 428-0924 - Richard_Nugent1@msn.com
FL-08 Daniel Webster - (407) 947-5376 - senator_webster@yahoo.com
FL-12 Dennis Ross - (863) 255-1048 - Dross71803@aol.com
FL-22 Allen West - (954) 288-6934 - gowest@allenwestforcongress.com
FL-24 Sandy Adams - (321) 303-9214 - sadams4flhr33@aol.com
FL-25 David Rivera - (786) 258-2222 - Rivera2004@comcast.net
GA-07 Rob Woodall - (770) 366-4245 - rob@robwoodall.com
GA-08 Austin Scott - (229) 392-6992 - austin@scottforga.com
GA-09 Tom Graves - (770) 548-2288 - sovision@aol.com
ID-01 Raul Labrador - (208) 965-1622 - labrador4idaho@gmail.com
IL-08 Joe Walsh (847) 849-9508 - info@walshforcongress.com
IL-10 Bob Dold (847) 251-3653 - bob@bobdold.com
IL-11 Adam Kinzinger - (309) 287-6938 - aknznger@AOL.com
IL-14 Randy Hultgren - (630) 347-1136 - randy@hultgrenforcongress.com
IL-17 Bobby Schilling - (309) 428-9046 - bobbyschilling@gmail.com
IN-03 Marlin Stutzman - (260) 336-0809 - marlin@marlinstutzman.com
IN-04 Todd Rokita - (317) 414-5071 - trokita@hotmail.com
IN-08 Larry Bucshon - (812) 604-5812 - larrybucshon@gmail.com
IN-09 Todd Young - (812) 320-3736 - toddyoung@toddyoungforcongress.com
KS-01 Tim Huelskamp (620) 646-5413 - huelskampforcongress@rurallink.net
KS-03 Kevin Yoder - (913) 526-1990 - kyoder@kc.rr.com
KS-04 Michael Pompeo - (316) 393-6830 - mpompeo@sentryinternational.net
KY-06 Andy Barr - (859) 619-7381 - andy@andybarr.org
LA-03 Jeff Landry - (337) 380-1382 - jlandry@gjtbs.com
MD-01 Andy Harris - (443) 791-0691 - dr.andy.harris@gmail.com
MI-01 Dan Benishek - (906) 396-5839 - benishekforcongress@gmail.com
MI-02 Bill Huizenga - (616) 405-9216 - huizengaforhouse@charter.net
MI-03 Justin Amash - (616) 881-3390 - justin@justinamash.com
MI-07 Tim Walberg - (517) 673-0507 - congressmanwalberg@gmail.com
MN-08 Chip Cravaack - (651) 395-0785 - chip@votechip.org
MO-04 Vicky Hartzler - (816) 392-1582 - vicky79@me.com
MO-07 Billy Long - (417) 839-0061 - auctnr1@aol.com
MS-01 Alan Nunnelee - (662) 213-3571 - alan@senatornunnelee.com
MS-04 Steven Palazzo - (228) 596-8297 - spalazzo@palazzocpa.com
NC-02 Renee Ellmers - renee@reneeforcongress.com
ND-AL Rick Berg - (701) 866-9077 - Berg@bergforcongress.com
NH-01 Frank Guinta - (603) 860-0474 - frankguinta@yahoo.com
NH-02 Charlie Bass - (603) 547-0570 - cfbass@comcast.net
NJ-03 Jon Runyan - (856) 466-3009 - runyanjon69@comcast.net
NM-02 Steve Pearce - (575) 202-9251 - stevehr3746@verizon.net
NV-03 Joe Heck - (702) 885-2626 - joe@heck4nevada.com
NY-13 Michael Grimm - (917) 885-6022 - mggbusiness@aol.com
NY-19 Nan Hayworth - (914) 584-5324 - nan@nanhayworth.com
NY-20 Chris Gibson - (518) 821-7807 - cpandmjgibson@aol.com
NY-24 Richard Hanna - (315) 794-9602 - rlhanna@roadrunner.com
NY-25 Ann Marie Buerkle - (315) 415-4233 - AnnMBuerkle@gmail.com
NY-29 Tom Reed - (607) 765-0487 - tjwreed@yahoo.com
OH-01 Steve Chabot - (513) 235-0150 - Stevechabot11@gmail.com
OH-06 Bill Johnson - (330) 261-2059 - bill.johnson@zoominternet.net
OH-15 Steve Stivers - (614) 581-5559 - stivers.steve@gmail.com
OH-16 Jim Renacci - (330) 336-7956 - jrenacci@sprynet.com
OH-18 Bob Gibbs - (330) 763-1224 - bob@bobgibbs.org
OK-05 James Lankford - (405) 990-9042 - James@jameslankford.com
PA-03 Mike Kelly - (724) 712-6312 - Mikekelly@zoominternet.net
PA-07 Pat Meehan - (215) 850-6352 - pmeehan@conradobrien.com
PA-08 Mike Fitzpatrick - (215) 514-0470 - mfitzpatrick@begleycarlin.com
PA-10 Tom Marino - (570) 772-3192 - realamon@aol.com
PA-11 Lou Barletta - (570) 578-0026 - loubarletta@gmail.com
SC-01 Tim Scott - (843) 343-4990 - tim@votetimscott.com
SC-03 Jeff Duncan - (864) 923-3188 - jeffduncan22@gmail.com
SC-04 Trey Gowdy - (864) 809-0917 - treygowdy@charter.net
SC-05 Mick Mulvaney - (803) 246-1001 - mickmulvaney@mac.com
SD-AL Kristi Noem - (605) 881-2526 - racota@dailypost.com
TN-03 Chuck Fleischmann - (423) 413-3767 - chuck@chuckforcongress.com
TN-04 Scott Desjarlais - (423) 280-1122 - tndesjarlais@charter.net
TN-06 Diane Black - (615) 397-9033 - diane.davidblack@comcast.net
TN-08 Steve Fincher - (731) 676-3555 - Fieldsofgrace5@yahoo.com
TX-17 Bill Flores - (281) 352-2476 - bflores@floresforcongress.org
TX-23 Quico Canseco - (210) 216-8169 - fquico@yahoo.com
TX-27 R. Blake Farenthold - (361) 533-3393
VA-02 Scott Rigell - (757) 619-8276 - esrigell@scottrigell.com
VA-05 Robert Hurt - (434) 489-7995 - robert@roberthurt.org
VA-09 Morgan Griffith - (540) 353-8287 - hmg1993@aol.com

Nan Hayworth Trying To Throttle Constituents FREE SPEECH?

One can make reasonable assumptions based upon doing some investigative work on the ISP addresses tracked on your blogs. It would appear that public figure Nan Hayworth who chose to run for public office, was elected as our incoming Congresswoman loves only positive attention, and takes steps too throttle those that would start positioning ourselves now to see her defeated in the 2012 Election Cycle...for the record, Nan Hayworth has stated publicly her belief that she and her fellow Republicans and Teabaggers have been given a mandate...she is entitled to that belief, just as we are entitled to ours...we were/are sending a message not a mandate in sending her to Washington, DC, and we are entitled to do everything we can to see her sent packing in 2012, including running this political blog, voicing our opinions, and using Twitter.

It is obvious that Nan Hayward disagrees with freedom of speech when it disagrees with her and the image she has carefully crafted for herself, as is witnessed by the various visits from Verizon's ISP used to investigate abuse.

IP Information -

Host namestatic-71-249-199-206.nycmny.east.verizon.net
Verizon Internet Services

VIS Abuse
Verizon Online LLC
22001 Loudoun County Parkway
Ashburn VA

Coincidence, Or Is Someone At Cornell Watching This Blog For Her?

Nan Hayworth is well liked at Cornell, has more of a following there than most students graduating college would ever expect to have. She has done very good at making friends in high place, though she portrayed herself as an outsider when running for office...now we are not casting stones here, but asking the question..."Is it coincidence that we have visitors from her dearly beloved Cornell, or is she calling in favors to track our efforts to see her defeated in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election cycle? Whois Information

Cornell University
Cornell Information Technologies
757 Rhodes Hall
Ithaca NY 14853
OrgTechHandle: DEC12-ARIN
Eckstrom, Daniel

GEE...Cornell University...Nan Hayworth graduated from Cornell University Medical College in 1985...now an ISP from there is making visits too our blog...On her behalf?

Then and Now...No Tiime To TWEET, But Nan Gets a MAKEOVER for Freshman Orientation!

OMG...so, Nan Hayworth apparently failed to read Eric Cantor's advice book that was overnight-ed to herself and the other freshman members of congress, must have just been to busy to take the time to send out a tweet...TWELVE TWEET-LESS DAYS NOW, but she did find a whole lot of time to get a makeover, including a new hairstyle and COLOR...trust me, having at one time worked in a Hair Salon, Nan took a serious block out of her schedule to put on heirs when she checked in for Orientation. Just the shampooing, and coloring was a few hours....CHECK OUT THE BEFORE AND AFTER!...not that it helped much. You can put a tiara on a Donkey, and it is still a Donkey.

We cannot wait to hear about your FIRST PARTY in your new digs...Oh, on the subject of shrinking government, are you planning on attending all those parties that are being hosted compliments of OUR TAX DOLLARS? Also, care to share with us YOUR WELCOMING GIFT BASKET...come on Nan, we know you got one AND KEPT IT...your first official unofficial bribe really, but you insiders do not call those little perks, DO YOU?

73 Percent of Our Visitors From Bedford Hills, NY

Gee, what a co-inky dinky....Seventy Three percent of this blogs viewers are from Bedford Hills, and Nan Hayworth is from Bedford Hills. Apparently, though she has forgotten how to Tweet, Nan or someone from her staff or family knows how to check the latest news here on our blog...thank you for helping push this blog ever closer to breaking into Page 1 on the Google Search Nan...it is with your help that we are on page two, and about to join our Twitter account on Page 1 as we position for the 2012 Election Cycle.

OMG OMG....Nan Hayworth Has Been SPOTTED!

Freshman Congresswoman Nan Hayworth has been SPOTTED...no, still no Tweets, but apparently Dana Bush of CNN caught a glimpse of her checking in for Freshman Orientation...well isn't that special? Guessing here she wanted to get there early so she could go back to her NEW DIGS and get all glammed up for all those (EXPENSIVE) parties being paid for by A) lobbyists, and B) our taxes. Yes, it seems that Boehner, Pelosi and others feel the need to throw the Freshman extravagant parties at our expense. Seems Nan Hayworth is all about shrinking government, as long as it does not include taking away any of her Congressional PERKS.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ego Maniac Congresswoman Nan "Crowsfeet" Hayworth Proclaims, "I am way ahead of my other freshman!"

The not lacking ego Nan Hayworth has apparently briefly spoken to (more like bragged) to a reporter, that she is way ahead of her freshman counterparts...seems she has (with the help of Wall Street, and Sue Kelly) landed herself a TOP NOTCH BUSINESS AS USUAL INSIDE THE BELTWAY ASS KISSER AND BACK ROOM DEAL MAKER to be her chief of staff.

*note-we mentioned on Twitter that Nan Hayworth is REPAYING FAVORS with her hiring choices (so the rumor mill says), and her choice for chief of staff, fact that this person is a WASHINGTON INSIDE would seem to lend credence to this.

She went on to say her newly hired chief of staff FOUND HER AN APARTMENT just two blocks from the Capital...can we say HIGH RENT DISTRICT...just goes to show you when you are FILTHY RICH, YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT...are we here on this blog the only ones seeing Nan looking down her nose to some degree at her fellow Freshman?

We would like to point out to our readers here, that Nan Hayworth and her bravado about being so far ahead are met with some skepticism...our tweet watch has her NOT TWEETING to her constituents now in ELEVEN DAYS...apparently little Ms Prissy Pants in her self adoration did not find the time to read the "Rule Book" mailed to her from Eric Cantor wherein it states:

"Don't: Completely disappear from the public" between Election Day and the new Congress. "Even though you won't take office until January, many of your constituents will view you as their member of Congress."

Maybe, just maybe Nan, should spend less time picking out fabrics and window treatments for your new digs, less time sucking Wall Street ass, and do SOME REAL HOMEWORK as you prepare to get sworn in.

Along similar lines, I would like to use Nan's own words to show this Ivy League smarty pants that she is not as brilliant as she thinks she is, should stop thinking her self intellectually superior to the rest of us, and instead DO HER HOMEWORK before taking positions on the issues. She says...

"I'm a surgeon," said the ophthalmologist-turned congresswoman. "We're used to acting on the evidence expeditiously."

Acting on the evidence EXPEDITIOUSLY, as in not thinking everything through, as in NOT DOING HER HOMEWORK, as in MAKING SNAP JUDGMENTS that too often are wrong. A perfect example of her faulty approach to decision making is her position on troublesome cancer causing Entergy owned Indian Point, and her position and readiness to give the nuclear industry a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS in financial support and loan guarantees while at the same time eager to cut the Social Security benefits to every single Baby Boomer in District 19...what Nan? Did you say, "Let them eat cake?"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Tweetless Day in the Life of Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

Just another Tweetless day for Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth as she reneges on her promise to give us short timely updates as our Congresswoman...not even in office yet, and promises getting broken left and right.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

uh, um, yes yes um Ivy Educated Nan Hayworth in Her Own Words Ducking the Question

The words of our Ivy league graduated Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth...

Attendee: Do you support making social security more solvent and secure by allowing people to invest in voluntary, personal accounts?

Stupid: Yes. Yes, ma'am. I would. I think we have to. Yes. Yes. It's, again, I, uh, I would touch on it anytime soon. It's worth saying again. Um, it's about our having the power, and actually, the obligation, personally, as citizens, to think about what we are doing to be responsible within our own lives. (Like giving Federal Government seven percent of our income to safeguard for our retirements in the form of a SS deduction every payday Nan?

And it is, it is, a cultural phenomenon; it is something that our government can influence, through the way in which, it, uh, it institutes entitlement programs. (You mean like borrowing OUR MONEY from the Social Security cash box, and leaving worthless IOU's in it, then rather than paying that money back, telling us they want to cut our Social Security Benefits Nan?

If we don't reward responsible behavior, we'll get less of it. If people expect that they'll ever need an American consumer again, y'know, we're a consumer economy. We started out, the reason, one of the reasons we do it so very well, is because we did say, to our, to our, enterprising citizens, 'go, and think about what you can do well within your community, think about what your fellow citizens would like to have available to them, uh, you know, think of the business that, that you'd like to run, the services you'd like to provide, the improvements in goods, the innovations that you can then, you know, sell across the country and sell across the community, and you will, you will thrive. And you know, you will have the world ahead of you. But, you know, the other side of it is, you know, that you'll have, you'll have, to make sure you have put away enough for a rainy day. (Ummm, uhhh, you know, you know Nan, most Middle Class Americans give SEVEN PERCENT of their pay check to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for that RAINY DAY you know, ummm Nan, are you awake, uhh, just stupid, or totally out of touch with AVERAGE CITIZENS?

You know, you'll have to make sure that you're taking care of yourself because, you know, we're not, as a government, gonna be doing it for you.

NY DISTRICT 19 VOTERS in the lower and middle class PLEASE READ THAT ABOVE SENTENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. We have paid (lately) seven percent of our GROSS INCOME into Social Security, and on OUR BEHALF our employer has MATCHED THAT. If you make $50,000 a year, you have given the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (between you and your employer) SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for your GOLDEN YEARS. Now Nan and the REPUBLICANS want to tell you that you are ON YOUR OWN, that THEY WILL NOT BE TAKING CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!

Um, and, that social security option, um, returns as to that kind of frame of mind. That's the most powerful and empowering frame of mind you can possibly have. It makes us stronger, not weaker. We are not sheep, we are men and women. Uh, and yes, I do feel like that way...yes sir?

Now, ignoring her horrid even imbecilic delivery, the blatant stupidity of this Ivy League graduate, you can easily discern what Nan Hayworth is saying. She could care less that between you and your employer you have given fourteen percent of your income to the Federal Government TO SAFEGUARD FOR YOUR RAINY DAYS AS A RETIRED SENIOR. She states CLEARLY FOR THE RECORD, that if she has her way, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Here is a clue BIATCH...79 Million Baby Boomers have paid for our future benefits IN FULL, and WE WANT THEM.

Jewish or Lutheran Nan Hayworth...You Do Not Get it BOTH WAYS

Yes, back on the whole Nan Hayworth being Jewish thing. I personally do not care, have no particular problems with either religion. What I do have a serious problem with is snake tongued politicians trying to play it BOTH WAYS, and Nan Hayworth seems to be a Jew one day, and a Lutheran the next depending on who she is talking to, who she wants favor with on any given day.

If you look at numerous Jewish news articles, she has self identified herself as being a Jew by choice...though she has never CONVERTED. For example in The Cleveland Jewish News is this:

Of interest to the Jewish community in these midterm elections, 40 Jewish members of Congress, 12 in the Senate and 28 in the House, will take their seats in January. Among them is a new Jewish senator, Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and two new Jewish representatives in the House, Nan Hayworth (R-NY) and David Cicilline (D-R.I.)

Yet, if you go to a Lutheran publican, you read a completely different story, hear that Nan Hayworth is a NEW LUTHERAN heading to Congress. In the Lutheran publication Respublica you find this:

Lutherans in Congress

With the election last Tuesday the House will have 22 Lutheran representatives and the Senate will have 4.

The newest Lutheran House members are:

Cory Gardner R-Colorado LCMS

Larry Bucshon R-Indiana LCMS

Nan Hayworth R-New York Lutheran church body not known

Rick Berg R-North Dakota Lutheran body not known

Even more interesting, is the WIKI page that Nan Hayworth and her staff KEEP A VERY CLOSE WATCH ON. She who has said she is Jewish by choice, identifies herself on her own WIKI PAGE as being LUTHERAN...See Here

Nan Hayworth

Member-elect of the U.S. House of Representatives from
New York's 19th district
Taking office
January 3, 2011 Succeeding John Hall

Born December 14, 1959 (1959-12-14) (age 50)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Birth name Nan Alison Sutter Political party Republican Spouse(s) Scott Hayworth; 2 sons Residence Mount Kisco, New York, U.S. Alma mater Princeton University
Cornell University Profession Ophthalmologist Religion Lutheran

Even when you Google it, you see the contradiction that Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is allowing to stand, giving her the advantage of taking out of both sides of her particle encrusted asshole...sorry, I hat liars and cheats.

  • Lutherans in Congress - respublica

    Nov 8, 2010 ... The newest Lutheran House members are: Cory Gardner R-Colorado LCMS Larry Bucshon R-Indiana LCMS Nan Hayworth R-New York Lutheran church ...
    respublica.typepad.com/respublica/2010/.../lutherans-in-congress.html - Cached
  • Nan Hayworth - WhoRunsGov.com/The Washington Post

    Religion: Lutheran. DC Office: N/A. Email · Web site: In 2010, Hayworth ... Republican Party of New York State, "Nan Hayworth," 2010 She also edited the ...
    www.whorunsgov.com/Profiles/Nan_Hayworth - Cached

  • Nan Hayworth | Facebook

  • So which is it Nan...Jewish or Lutheran....pick on, you do not get to be BOTH.

    BE AFRAID...Nan Hayworth Mistakenly Thinks Republicans Given a Mandate

    Putting this video from Fox News (but of course) on the blog to preserve the record...In one of her first interviews after the election, Nan Hayworth comes right out and says, "We have been given a MANDATE..." No Nan, you are being USED to send a signal to Washington, sadly you and the other newly elected Republicans, your new leader Boehner just don't GET IT. Other interesting tidbits in this interview include Nan Hayworth ADMITTING that they do not have the votes to repeal Obama care, but she thinks they can retool it into a UNFUNDED MANDATE pushed down the throats of individual states.

    Is Congressoman Nan Hayworth A Jew, Or Is She Lying?

    Is Nan Haywood a Jew, or is she lying...in NY's 19th District, it is not such a well known secret that a large voting block of Jewish votes in Orange County all vote one way for the chosen candidate. In many cases, this voting block worth (last time I heard), carries some serious clout at over 7000 votes, is quite often the difference between winning and losing in this district which is split pretty evenly along party lines. In 2006, this voting block was enough to carry former Congressman John Hall to victory over Sue Kelly. With so few Jewish voices in Congress, claiming to be a Jew could pay great dividends in District 19.

    Now, we all know that Scott Hayworth is Jewish, and we know that Nan Hayworth was RAISED Lutheran...yet, in the campaign, she CLAIMED to be Jewish by choice...I could buy that except for one very important detail...she has NEVER converted! Which raises the question, is Nan Hayward a Jew when it serves her purposes, and a Lutheran by faith? Maybe the answer can be found in the denomination of her children, or finding, out what church she normally attends. Does she celebrate Christmas?

    So Nan Hayworth, you claim to be Jewish...PROVE IT...

    A Few New Jews

    One more rep. and state AG; a GOP rep. closes in

    Georgia Attorney General-elect Sam Olens.

    Sam Olens/Flickr

    Immediately after Election Day, it looked like the 112th Congress would contain 12 Jewish senators and 27 congresspersons, including a second Jewish House Republican—Nan Hayworth of New York—to go along with incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Nan Hayworth, Will You Support Gays Serving OPENLY in The Military

    Nan, just in on CNN, as well as in the Washington Post...Pentagon Report says there is little if any negative effect on troops/troop morale having gays openly serve in the current war effort. In short, Don't Ask Don't Tell needs to go.

    You embraced the Log Cabin Republicans, and accepted graciously their support as they bombarded our houses with phone calls on your behalf in this election cycle. So, my question to you is, "Will you join the Democrats in voting to END Don't Ask Don't Tell?"

    Nan Hayworth, One Week and No Tweets!

    We are officially at ONE WEEK since Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth's last tweet. No, to put this Tweet Watch in perspective, lets look at Nan's on Twitter account, her OWN TWEET...

    Nan Hayworth (NanHayworth) on Twitter

    Get short, timely messages from Nan Hayworth. ... Nan has arrived, and is giving interviews to News 12, YNN, and Fox 5. The place is packed...energy is ...


    Hello Nan, it has been a week since you have tweeted...where are the SHORT TIMELY tweets you promised us when you were running for the office? Not even in the office yet Congresswoman Hayworth, and already locking us out of the process?

    Nan Hayworth Wants To Give Nuclear Industry $100 Billion Of Your Tax Dollars


    Careful folks...much like ALMOST Governor Meg Whitman, Congressman elect Nan Hayworth seems ready to be a NUCLEAR WHORE on the House floor pushing for tens if not hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to subsidize the FAILING NUCLEAR INDUSTRY. Guess the fact that every citizen in her district (Due to re-authorization of Price Anderson Act) would lose their homes if there is (and there will be) a significant accident at Entergy's Indian Point does not concern her. Pricer Anderson makes it illegal for us to have home insurance for ANY NUCLEAR INCIDENT involving a nuclear reactor.

    Guess also the fact that the commercial nuclear industry has NEVER DISPOSED OF SO MUCH AS ONE OUNCE of spent nuclear fuel does not bother her either...she is a LEAVE IT WHERE IT SITS money whore ready to reclassify these waste streams as potential future use resources with the passing of a bill that relabels waste, just like they did with the depleted uranium sitting at the gaseous diffusion plants in Paducah and Portsmouth. that is now used in armor piercing munitions.

    The nuclear industry wants loan guarantees and flat out gifts from congress in excess of FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth wants to give it to them WHILE CUTTING OUR SOCIAL SECURITY!

    From Article

    Rep.-elect Nan Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, said she would support more investment in nuclear energy and gas exploration, but opposes spending more federal dollars on weatherization and other energy-related projects that don't result in more jobs.

    Congresswoman Nan Hayworth Google Search Has Our Twitter Account NUMBER TWO!

    A very special thanks to our 100 new followers on Twitter...not bad for just our first week on line with this vehicle. Additionally, we are proud to announce that a Google Search for Congresswoman Nan Hayworth has us NUMBER TWO on page one...our blog is also slowly working its way up the rankings as we prepare to defeat Nan Hayworth in 2012.

    Google Congreswoman Nan Hayworth and you get....PAGE ONE BABY!

    Rep. John Hall Goes After Nan Hayworth On BP Oil Spill

    Jun 22, 2010 ... ICYMI, Rep. John Hall's re-election campaign is taking a whack at 19th CD challenger Nan Hayworth with this video, which juxtaposes positive ...
    www.nydailynews.com/.../rep-john-hall-goes-after-nan-h.html - Cached

    Twitter / @NanHayworthNews/Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

    NanHayworthNews Day six of the Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth TWEET watch, and still NOT A WORD from her! Tapping on window of your posh home...you home? ...
    twitter.com/NanHayworthNews/congresswoman-nan-hayworth - Cached

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Congratulations to Nan Hayworth News

    We congratulate @nanhayworthnews who in less than one week has moved up the Google Ranking charts to SPOT NUMBER FOUR when you search Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. If you want to play a part in politics, you have to position yourself today for tomorrow. We right now are just where we need to be for the 2012 Elections.

    Politicians...if you want to use Blogs and Twitter to give you that cutting edge positioning you need, think outside the box...HIRE A REAL TWEETER, HIRE A RADICAL BLOGGER. Took us just six days to make the front page, the top four on Google...let me see your professional staff MATCH THAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

    To Nan Hayworth...2012 is going to be a FUN ELECTION CYCLE, and I am going to play a part in defeating you as just an average common every day citizen in your district.

    Tags and Google Searches we hit next: Nan A Sutter Hayworth, Nan A Sutter and Nan Sutter Hayworth

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      Jun 22, 2010 ... ICYMI, Rep. John Hall's re-election campaign is taking a whack at 19th CD challenger Nan Hayworth with this video, which juxtaposes positive ...
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      twitter.com/NanHayworthNews/congresswoman-nan-hayworth - Cached

    New York Times Calls Hayworth a Sue Kelly Clone!

    Was reading an article in the New York Times, and seems they agree that Nan Hayworth, a Tea Party darling is really an UBER RICH Sue Kelly Clone:

    Ms. Hayworth’s roots are in Midwestern conservatism: she grew up in Munster, Ind., her father a C.P.A., her mother an immigrant from England. She’s also one of those dreaded elites; she graduated summa cum laude from Princeton (same class as Eliot Spitzer and Elena Kagan) and Cornell Medical College. And she embodies the traditional anti-tax, pro-market Republicanism of the suburbs — take away the Tea Party label, and she’s not far from Sue Kelly, the Republican Mr. Hall ousted. (Read Full Article Here)

    Just shows you how stupid voters can be, or perhaps it just shows how angry we are, that we would send another shrew to Washington, DC to send a message.

    Meanwhile, I have a question for Congresswoman Elect Nan Hayworth and the rest of the Republican Party...Is it your intention to SAVE TAX CUTS for the UBER RICH, while at the same time wanting to cut Social Security Benefits for 79 MILLION Baby Boomers who have already paid for these benefits?

    Noticable From Her Absense At The Power Table...NAN HAYWORTH

    Gee, to listen to Nan Hayworth on the campaign trail, you would have thought she was going to make some noise in Washington, DC...flex her Momma Grizzly muscles, and KICK SOME MAN ASS. Instead, she already seems to be a meek mouse of a Congresswoman, even intimidated by the whole process of going to Washington, DC. Or maybe she is in her room pouting at finding out she does not get to pick and choose plum committee positions, but instead gets what they hand her, and that anything else will have to be EARNED.

    Then again, maybe her and hubby are just too busy shopping for a new Washington residence in Georgetown, scrabbling to be ready for a Coming Out party on the DC Political Party Scene. One thing is for sure certain...she still seems to be preoccupied, has no time to PUT UP A TWEET!

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Day Six, Still No TWEET, NOt a Peep From Congresswoman Nan Hayworth on Twitter!

    I guess Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is too busy holding backroom meetings with her handlers, Sue Kelly, and Wall Street Fat Cats to take a minute to put up a tweet! Day six of the Nan Hayworth Tweet Watch, and STILL NOTHING.

    Nan Hayworth
    The race is over. Thank you to @ for a vigorous race, and thank you all for putting us over the top! Let's get to work!
    Nan Hayworth
    Senate pickup in North Dakota!

    In Just Five Days Congresswoman Nan Hayworth Tracker Twitter Account Makes Google FRONT PAGE when you Google Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

    As we prepare and position ourselves to DEFEAT UBER RICH and SPOILED newly minted Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, we are pleased to announce that in just five short days our Twitter Account is ALREADY RANKING on page one in the Google Search engine when you search Congresswoman Nan Hayworth.

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      Nov 3, 2010 ... My candidate - Dr. (now Congresswoman-Elect) Nan Hayworth - beat incumbent Leftist Democrat John Hall to win New York's 19th Congressional ...
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      Nov 7, 2010 ... A suburban New York Congressional district where a Tea Party favorite defeated the former rock star John Hall may be a microcosm of the ...
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      Congresswoman Nan Hayworth News Tracker: Nan Hayward Revere America's Whore, or Owned By Th... http://t.co/9D38aHf about 2 hours ago via Tweet Button ...
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    Nan, What is Entergy Hiding...Fire Department KEPT OFF PROPERTY!

    READ THIS.....

    11/07/2010 19:15:46 Working Fire - Buchanan, NY U/D Car 2491 is advising Entergy Security will not allow Fire Department personnel and apparatus beyond the security gate. They are continuing to stand by at this time. #342781

    11/07/2010 19:14:21 Working Fire - Buchanan, NY Entergy employees are currently fighting an active transformer fire in the main bldg. Engine 128 and command are on scene at the gate attempting to gain entry, going through standard security procedures. #342781

    7 hours ago via twittermail.com

    HEY Nan! Two Entergy Reactors Shut Down One Hour Apart...CAN WE SAY AGING MANAGEMENT ISSUES?

    Nan, though you have your Ivy League degree, when it comes to nuclear energy, I have already decided you are a TWIT...yes, a TWIT. In the hopes of educating you, I would suggest you look into License Renewal issues...specifically AGING MANAGEMENT ISSUES, and how much the entire industry does not know about them, specifically how many problems the NRC has pushed off until after they grant their licensees permission to operate these dangerous facilities for another 20 years.

    See, the safe operation of these over stressed, aging reactors is totally dependent upon the quality of a Nuclear Company's aging management program...contrary to what Neil Sheehan (nuclear dog and pony show of lies and double speak) will tell you, two ENTERGY reactors going down within one hour of each other was not “complete coincidence”, but a direct result of A) the NRC failing to adequately enforce 10CFR Rules and Regulations, and B) Entergy's woefully inadequate FLEET WIDE AGING MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS!

    In more alarming than the EXPLODING TRANSFORMER, are the leaking pipes at Vermont Yankee (and both Indian Point reactors). Those leaking pipes can very quickly become PIPE BURSTS that will spew tens if not hundreds of thousands of gallons of irradiated water into the discharge canals (that Entergy DOES NOT HAVE A LEGAL EASEMENT TO USE) and into our beloved Hudson River here in YOUR DISTRICT. Even worst, is that could see a drop in reactor core pressure, thus creating a rapid increase in temperature, thus putting the core of Indian Point into thermal shock...NRC, NEI and the entire nuclear reactor community have admitted they know nothing about this subject, but not to worry, they have promised to FORM A STUDY GROUP at some future date to learn about it.

    Making it simple...these VERY BRITTLE REACTOR CORES when subjected to thermal shock COULD SHATTER...hmmmmm....can we say over 500 BILLION DOLLARS in damages to your district?

    But you go ahead and ignore these realities Nan, blindly support the nuclear industry...like I always say, "Sadly, the antinuclear grassroots community only needs one MAJOR INCIDENT at an American reactor to show we were right all along...you know, kind of like the BP Oil Spill, or Hurricane Katrina?" You truly are pathetic, and not even in office yet.

    Transformer explosion at NY nuclear power plant

    BUCHANAN, N.Y. (AP) — A transformer exploded at a nuclear power plant

    north of New York City, leading to an emergency shut down of one of its reactors.

    An official with the Indian Point plant in Buchanan says no one was injured in Sunday’s explosion.

    The plant is owned by Entergy Corp. Company spokesman Jim Steets says no radioactive materials leaked.

    He says the transformer was outside and not near the reactor. He said there was no fire despite earlier reports.

    Indian Point 2 was shut down after the explosion just after 6:30 p.m. Indian Point 3 was operating normally.

    It was the second shutdown within the hour at an Entergy-owned plant.

    The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon, Vt., shut down at about 7 p.m. after workers detected radioactive water seeping from a leaky pipe in the complex.

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the two shutdowns were “complete coincidence.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/11/07/transformer-explosion-at-ny-nuclear-power-plant/#ixzz14g2Q6DwK