Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven Levels of Connection...Everyone Knows Everyone

The Seven Levels of Connection...

So was looking at our statistics today, and within that Data Flow, the name of Jon Kamen came up with Bedford Hills. Odd, so I looked into it. Jon Kamen it seems is the successful CEO of @radicalmedia which is headquartered in New York, though he lives in Bedford...still rang no bells, so I wondered and searched some more.

Turns out he is the same Jon Kamen who filmed and donated a video to the Gala Party that Nan and Scott Hayworth had attended to benefit a hospitial. Interesting to see who visits this site, and how they get here. Be interesting to go to Nan's FEC list of donors and see who comes up...already found out that Sue Kelly is on that list.

Gala Party Article

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