Monday, November 15, 2010

Then and Now...No Tiime To TWEET, But Nan Gets a MAKEOVER for Freshman Orientation!, Nan Hayworth apparently failed to read Eric Cantor's advice book that was overnight-ed to herself and the other freshman members of congress, must have just been to busy to take the time to send out a tweet...TWELVE TWEET-LESS DAYS NOW, but she did find a whole lot of time to get a makeover, including a new hairstyle and me, having at one time worked in a Hair Salon, Nan took a serious block out of her schedule to put on heirs when she checked in for Orientation. Just the shampooing, and coloring was a few hours....CHECK OUT THE BEFORE AND AFTER!...not that it helped much. You can put a tiara on a Donkey, and it is still a Donkey.

We cannot wait to hear about your FIRST PARTY in your new digs...Oh, on the subject of shrinking government, are you planning on attending all those parties that are being hosted compliments of OUR TAX DOLLARS? Also, care to share with us YOUR WELCOMING GIFT BASKET...come on Nan, we know you got one AND KEPT IT...your first official unofficial bribe really, but you insiders do not call those little perks, DO YOU?

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