Friday, January 7, 2011

Nan Hayworth's Congressional Website Is Up

For those who are wanting to track the lackluster career of newly minted Uber Rich fake Jew Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (she is Lutheran, but claims to be Jew by choice) her official website is up. As you might expect, it is pretty boilerplate and BORING...this fits in with her inability to even do Twitter correctly since getting elected back on November 3rd, 2010...she had promised to keep us involved through short timely twitter posts, and yet has now gone over TWO MONTHS without ONE TWEET!

Meanwhile, in breaking news today, she voted to REPEAL Obamacare, thus signaling her willingness to take away the ability to have insurance for all those with pre-existing conditions, showed she wants to deny senior citizens more affordable prescription drugs, is willing to see millions of young Americans (who cannot find jobs in our FAILING ECONOMY) be dropped from their parents policies. Furthermore, Debt Hawk Nan Hayworth's vote to repeal Obamacare shows her willingness to add 200 BILLION to the Federal Deficit over the next ten years.

GREAT START NAN HAYWORTH....pretty much what we expected from you in your first couple of days in office.

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We on this blog do not like Politicians...we like Republicans even less. Nan Hayworth was elected to send a message to Washington, not because she was a better choice...this blog is laying the ground work to defeat her in 2012.