Thursday, December 16, 2010

Questioning Congresswoman Hayworth's Support of Nuclear

Yesterday in the mail, most of us living within the ten mile circle of death got our totally useless, non workable Westchester Country Emergency Guide...the first big change that I am sure our newly minted Congresswoman missed, is that said guide is NO LONGER called and evacuation plan...why you ask? Because the NRC has tacitly admitted that in the case of a significant accident, or in the case of bad weather, said evacuation plan will not work. The NRC and the nuclear industry's plan to address this reality...CHANGE OUR EXPECTATIONS, feed us propaganda in the hopes we will believe "Sheltering in Place" is a viable and workable alternative to evacuation. It is not.
Fact...sheltering in place in a well insulated home in your basement will only shield you from 40 percent of radioactive contaminants and particulates that would be in the air. Sure, you might survive the initial incident, but at what cost? Can we all say a collective chorus of CANCER, BIRTH DEFECTS, STILLBORN CHILDREN.
Step by step, lets go over the fatally flawed plan to have citizens living within the ten mile circle of death Sheltered in Place. Point out a few serious flaws in their plan.
1. Keep family and pets inside.
Why, for easy identification of the dead? To make it easier for military troops to come alone and quarantine us once it is safe for them to enter the area? Hello, sheltered in place during a nuclear incident at the problem plagued, Entergy owned Indian Point that is currently leaking the cancer causing contaminants tritium and Strontium 90 into our environment here in the host community will EXPOSE US TO SIXTY PERCENT of the radiative fallout from a serious nuclear incident or terrorist attack at Indian Point.
Sure, keep family and pets inside is easy enough...but should you follow that directive on the part of our government, and the nuclear industry....ABSOLUTELY NOT...get in your cars, get your kids AT ALL COST or they will be sent to camps, and LEAVE THE AREA.
2. Close all windows and doors.
This sounds good, and sure it will keep some contaminants/radioactive particulates from getting in, but ask yourselves this does all that dust get into my house? Radioactive particulates will get in the same way, will ATTACK YOUR BODY, will stricken you to a far shorter lifespan, and will see you suffer the worst kinds of cancers and tumors you could ever imagine.
Being sheltered in place, you HAVE NO CHANCE OF ESCAPING RADIOACTIVE EXPOSURES in the case of a terrorist attack or serious nuclear event at the ancient and decrepid Indian Point nuclear facility.
3. Turn off heaters, air conditionsers and any other ventilation systems.
4. Extinguish fires in fireplaces and close dampers.
Lets just attack THE OBVIOUS here...if all your doors and windows are closed, why do they want you turning off these systems? Why can't we have a fire so that we have SOME WARMTH? Because they know that the radioactive particulates ARE IN YOUR HOME! Now, lets jump the next easy to attack problem with this part of the fatally flawed plan to have us *SHELTER IN PLACE*.
The weather! This is New York, this guide was released IN imagine if you will a severe incident at Indian Point during a NOR'EASTER. First, if there is a serious nuclear incident at Indian Point during a Nor'Easter, and you live on a side road, you CAN FORGET ABOUT SEEING SALT TRUCKS PLOWING YOU OUT! Secondly, lets just assume that as a part of this Nor'Easter/Nuclear incident, that the temperature is three degrees, with the wind chill well below ZERO....
I know you are arrogant and ignorant Nan, despite your pedigree, so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE...why is it that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), FEMA, NRC (No Regulatory Control), Department of Emergency Management (local, state and federal) refuse to answer the following straight forward question asked by concerned stakeholders:
If we are sheltered in our homes with NO HEAT, during a nuclear incident at the dangerous Indian Point nuclear facility during a Nor'Easter, how long can we stay in our homes before we begin feeling the effects of Hypothermia?
Tell us Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, ARE YOU PREPARED TO GET THAT ANSWER FOR US, are you prepared to demand PUBLIC HEARING ON THIS SERIOUS FLAW?
5. Stay tuned t the Emergency Alert System (EAS) stations.
Lets be honest here the case of a serious nuclear incident at Indian Point, we ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE ELECTRICITY! Forget about phones, even if you were trying to call out, odds are you would be UNSUCCESSFUL No cable, no internet, and just how long do you think batteries are going to last...more importantly, if you are suffering from the mental slowness associated with Hypothermia, are you even going to be capable of remembering to change the batteries if you have spares on hand, will your hands work well enough as Hypothermia sets in to change said batteries?
Lastly, something that the NRC does not want you to know...THEY ALREADY HAVE FAKE PROPAGANDA MESSAGES PRE-RECORDED TO FEED TO US in the hopes of keeping us all from PANICKING!
6. Avoid using telephones, including cell phones, to prevent overloading the system and interfering with Emergency use.
So, you and your family are starting to SUFFER the effects of HYPOTHERMIA, you realize you NEED HELP NOW, or your ENTIRE FAMILY IS GOING TO DIE....don't USE THAT PHONE! Don't you worry, they will dump you into a BODY BAG, notify your relatives at some future date and time...or not if the incident is severe enough.
So, where are we? FUCKED comes quickly to mind, but we suggest ANY INCIDENT involving a release of radioative contaminants off site should be your CALL TO EVACUATE YOURSELVES, YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, and YOUR PETS!
We suggest you take ALL STEPS NECESSARY TO GET YOUR CHILDREN...otherwise, there is a very real chance you may never see them again.
If you decide to shelter in place, baracade yourselves in, and be ready to use deadly force to protect your home and family...think about it, if there is a serious nuclear incident, the CDC has said people could be sheltered in place UP TO THREE WEEKS...that will mean potable water, food and medical supplies will very quickly be in very SHORT SUPPLY, and in the chaos, you can forget about any real police protection as looting takes hold in a every man, woman and child for themselves takes hold...just look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Overly pessimistic view? Consider this....earlier this year, our government conducted a MOCK terrorist attack on Los Angeles...those table top exercises ALWAYS ASSUME best case scenerios, give emergency crews and citizens the benefit of believing they will all act PERFECTLY, execute plans without serious error. (Again, see Hurricane Katrina). In that exercise, it was determined that we can survive a nuclear disaster, but they also admit TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND CITIZENS WILL DIE INSTANTLY, and they fail to address how many of the survivors will die in say a five year period from cancers caused by said nuclear incident.
For those of us living in Indian Points ten mile circle of death, for all those that live within the 25 mile PLUME CIRCLE, our choice is simple....SELF SURVIVAL THROUGH EVACUATION AT ALL COSTS.
For parents....EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS....send letters to your school principles telling them THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR AUTHORIZATION to send your children to Reception Centers, or too School Reception Centers...our government has shown they cannot be trusted, and allowing your children to be sent to these centers puts them IN HARMS WAY!
Entergy, Indian Point, and our government have decide YOUR PETS ARE EXPENDABLE collateral damage...if you bring them with you to a Reception Center, they and you will be turned away....SO, DO NOT GO TO SAID RECEPTION CENTERS, which will quickly be turned into REFUGEE CAMPS full of crime, rape and rationing. AGAIN, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate.
It is recommended that you keep at least five ten gallon cans of petro on hand for your exit of the contaminated area.
The golden rule for survival of a serious nuclear incident at Indian Point...your life, the lives of your family ARE IN YOUR HANDS, not the hands of the Federal Government, not in the hands of First Responders who are ill equipped to handle an event of this magnitude.
ONE LAST IMPORTANT FACT...if we are in a real Nuclear Emergency, once you hear the alarms, it is already too late! Indian Point, Entergy, our own government will not use the alarm system except AS A LAST if you hear the alarms, it is EVERY MAN, WOMAN and CHILD for themselves! Take whatever steps are necessary to evacuate your family, and to protect your lives. Every Emergency kit should include both guns, and ammunition...we have a right to bear arms, and that gun you buy today might just save your life if, God Forbide, there is ever a serious nuclear incident at Indian Point.
To Congresswoman Nan Hayworth...I would strongly suggest you find out the true dangers of America's fleet of 104 nuclear reactors before throwing your support behind tens of billions of our tax dollars are given too the industry.

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