Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open Letter To Congress and The Nation...We Sent A Message of Change, not Partisanship...It is Time To Save America

Enough Politics, Fix America Now

Enough already, stop the posturing, stop the games, put away politics in Washington, DC and do whatever it takes to fix America. The time for business as usual is over, the time to play games in the hopes of winning favor with this, that or the other special interest group, or too position your party for the 2012 Presidential Elections needs to come to the end…America simply cannot afford politics as usual any longer. We as a nation are dying, our National Debt strangling us, our pulse barely there, and we have Republicans threatening to hold up everything that needs to be dealt with unless they get their tax cuts for the Uber Rich, while the Democrats are going to introduce a Bill to preserve tax cuts for the lower and middle class, not because they have hope of such a bill passing, but to get the Republicans ON THE RECORD…Enough already, our nation is dying, buried under a mountain of debt.

The Debt Commission says we have to act now, states there can be no sacred cows, that everything must be on the table…THEY LIE, not everything has been put on the table. Most of their plan to deal with the Federal Deficit can only be described as a brutal attack on the lower and middle class of America, and that is unacceptable, and if it takes Main Street Americans taking to the streets in numbers never seen before, then so be it, let us march. Obama says, “If you have ideas, I want to hear them.” Fine, here are my ideas. If you disagree with them, fine, put up some of your own, but the time has come to put aside politics, and make America and her (LEGAL)citizens first.

First, we need to take care of our own backyard before messing around in the backyards of other nations, and it is time we step back from the world stage, and focus all of our energies and our funds on America. This means the time has come to reduce our own presence on the world stage while we resolve our issues, put our own financial affairs in order…we can no longer be the nation that steps up to the plate when other nations are in trouble, we need to let the rest of the world stand on its own two feet while we stand on ours.

This means a smaller Diplomatic Corp, the full elimination of USAID (which is a slush fund for special/black ops), a reduction of no less than 25 percent of the Pentagon budget, and renegotiating our financial commitments to the United Nations…it is time for the rest of the world to carry their fair share of the weight in this organization, and in policing rogue nations, time for the United Nations and other nations of the world to carry their fair share of the burden (based on population percentages) in fighting world wide terrorism while we address our own issues here on our American home front.

The Debt Commission and Congress want to take an axe to our Social Security Benefits, benefits we have already paid for in full, while failing to address retirement entitlements for elected officials, federal employees, and members of our military armed forces…those items need to be put ON THE TABLE. Two examples can be used to quickly illustrate the problems and costs associated with this area of our budget deficit, and why they need to be addressed, and reined in.

1. Once a member of Congress has served for five years, they are guaranteed a minimum retirement of $40,000 a year for the rest of their lives, the figure growing to over $70,000 per year after just ten years. Sorry, but five years should not earn you this kind of a lucrative life time retirement benefit, and a new rule that is retroactive should require a person hold public office for no less than 20 years to receive a pension/retirement package compliments of the US Tax Payers and that retirement should be one they have contributed to, a retirement plan managed through a financial institution like TIAA CREF in the form of a 401K or retirement annuity.

2. Military Retirement/Pensions are now collectible once a service member has put in say 20 years, and are paid for life. Our soldiers deserve a good pension once they reach the age of retirement…say 64. They should not be allowed to begin collecting a retirement at the age of 38 because they served our nation for 20 years. Let them be vested into said retirement, but that retirement should not begin to be paid out until they reach full retirement age. How many former members of the military retired, started drawing a very lucrative retirement check compliments of the US Taxpayer every month, and almost immediately went back to work for our government on the civilian side as they work towards earning a very similar second retirement compliments of the US Taxpayers?

The Debt Commission calls for cuts in the military budget, but they are not deep enough cuts. We need to terminate our involvements in both Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of 2011…that does not mean we leave some 50,000 troops, and tens of thousands more civilians in those countries…it means a full and complete disengagement from these two wars. The size of our military needs to be cut back to pre year 2000 levels, and overall budget cuts should represent a decrease of at least 25 percent of the Pentagon’s current budget percentages…IE, if military costs are currently 10 percent of the federal budget, they would be cut back to 7.5 percent of our budget.

The budget committee approach to Social Security Reform is, simply stated, wrong. They want to raise the retirement age to 69…sorry, but expecting middle and lower class workers to work to the age of 69 is unacceptable. First, to reform the system, it is recommended that Social Security Taxes stop being regressive in nature. Instead, it is proposed that all wages up to say five million dollars be taxed at the rates everyone must pay on incomes at or below $106,000 (one hundred and six thousand dollars), with other income levels still taxed, but at slowly decreased percentages of the income. From say $5-10 million, the percentage paid could drop too five percent, so forth and so on.

Government wages must be reined in, made commiserate with those wages paid in the private sector. A wage freeze is simply inadequate and unacceptable during this nation’s budgetary crisis. If say a janitor is earning $24,000 in the private sector, that same janitor should not be paid $41,000 a year working for government at local, state or federal level. Like it or not, it is not fair to ask the American taxpayers to support inflated wages for those on the government dole, it is unfair that those getting paid with our taxes are paid on average 40 percent more than their private sector counterparts doing the same work. Sure the average government worker will howl bloody murder, but fair is fair, and our economy simply cannot continue to pay inflated wages for those in government jobs.

In a similar vein, it is time to do away with Affirmative Action which allows less qualified employees to be both hired and promoted at all levels of government. Regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation, the best qualified person (male or female) must be hired for the job, in both the private and public sectors. When it comes to government contracts, the lowest QUALIFIED BID should be accepted, rather than having set asides for minorities or women. Equality means every individual having an equal chance for a bite at the proverbial apple, and set asides for any reason provide preferential treatment for one group over another, and must be eliminated. It is unfair that say a poor white student misses out on a chance for a Harvard education, just as it is unfair for a poor black student to miss out on that same opportunity…it is time we stop giving one group an advantage over another through unfair continuance of Affirmative Action.

Medicare/Medicaid, and Illegal Aliens…yes, from my perspective, they are in some ways linked together. Every dollar spent housing, feeing, educating and providing any kind of health care to illegal aliens and their children is money that can best be spent taking CARE OF OUR OWN.

It is time we enforce our laws, rather than trying to force AMNESTY down the throats of those here legally…America has some of the most generous immigration laws in the entire world, we open our borders up to over one million LEGAL IMMIGRANTS each and every year. That said, it is unfair that we have 16 million Americans out of work while some 7.5 million illegal aliens continue to work in our economy. It is unfair that school taxes which are assessed through our property taxes have risen to pay the bill to educate the children of illegal aliens. It is unfair that illegal aliens are given access to our hospital emergency room, with those costs passed on too everyone else, helping to increase the costs of medicare and medicaid. It is unfair that some 4.5 million Anchor Babies (children of Illegal Aliens) are receiving medical services at the expense of the American Tax payer thanks to President Obama misguided stupidity and ignorance.

1. It is time that the jobs magnet be turned off for illegal aliens…make E-Verify mandatory for ALL EMPLOYEES, current and future. If you cannot prove you are in American legally, are lawfully employable, you get kicked to the curb...end of story.

2. Authorize ICE raids in work places, and in communities…we are tired of being told that ICE cannot find these illegal aliens, we are tired of our local police departments telling us their hands are TIED. Untie them…using my own block as an example, we have three houses full of illegal aliens, and they have been and continue to be a detriment, not and addition to our community. Sorry, not going to be politically correct here...we do not need Illegal Alien FLOP HOUSES in our neighborhoods.

3. Hold those who employ illegal aliens CRIMINALLY accountable with mandatory prison time of at least one year, this is too include all employees in upper management/ownership positions. In case of multiple or repeated offenses, forfeiture of business and its assets.

4. Eliminate the loop hole that allows illegal aliens to get a Federal Tax ID number, and thus open up businesses in direct competition with those Americans and legal immigrants that are abiding by our laws. You want to LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM, do it legally, by abiding BY ALL OUR LAWS.

5. Pass a law that requirements a minimum 15 year prison sentence for any illegal alien caught working using a false/fake or stolen ID.

6. Secure our Southern Border using at least 50,000 members of our Armed Forces who should be returning home from their assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and authorize them to use deadly force when and if necessary...yes, I said DEADLY FORCE.

7. Deport all illegal aliens to their home countries, and enforce our law that says they cannot try to legally immigrate back to America for a period of ten years. A second illegal entrance into America should require a life sentence in prison...harsh yes, but STRONG DETERENTS WORK.

End modern day prohibition by ending the war on drugs...IT IS NOT WORKING, and too many potentially productive US Citizens are rotting in prisons throughout America because of drug related charges. Bottom line, the DEA (enforcement arm of the FDA) is nothing more than the private security force charged with protecting the profits of large pharmaceutical concerns. Legalize and taxing currently illicit drugs will provide several benefits, primary amount them eliminating large revenue streams that are currently used to fund international terrorist organizations. One easy example…legalize cannabis, and within six months, the drug cartels of Mexico would be out of business. This action, with the aggressive enforcement of our immigration laws as now on the books would eliminate a huge amount of the criminal activity in our southern border states.

Fixing America has to be about more than just reining in our national financial crisis, it has to be about resolving some of our nation’s long standing social issues, rebuilding both our public and industrial infrastructure, and re-establishing America as the greatest nation on earth. To this end, the following suggestions are offered up for serious thought and consideration.

1. End DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)…it is time for the religious right, and certain key Republicans such as Senator John McCain, and former disgraced Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin (who QUIT) to stop trying to legislate their morality onto the rest of America. The reports are out, we can fully integrate the GBLT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Tran gendered) community into our Armed Forces without negatively affecting troop moral. The time to put an end to this inequality is here, and the Republicans need to stop trying to use this issue as a wedge…we as Americans need to unite together, and DADT just helps to keep us divided.

2. Along similar lines, it is time to admit that Marriage is a legal contract, and the church only blesses said union. If churches wish to keep certain couples from being married in their facilities that should be their choice, but all people regardless of sexual orientation should be allowed to be married in the eyes of the law to the partner (male or female) of their choice.

3. Since John Kennedy put us on course to land a man on the moon, America has always been the leader in space exploration and accomplishment…we are rapidly losing that edge, and it is time we regain it. We need to build a permanently manned space exploration facility on the moon, and expand it into a fully functioning and defensible permanent space colony. Said space facility requires a new space shuttle capable of ferrying both people and supplies back and forth to earth’s orbit on a monthly basis. We must not allow China or Russia to control this very strategic celestial location.

4. It is unfair for our government to lend our money to banks who turn around and lend it back to us in the name of turning profits on our largest family purchase…the American Home. Just as Obama took banks out of the student loan business, it is time that banks be taken out of the home mortgage business. Americans should be able to apply for and receive mortgages from our Federal Treasury at rates between 2.9 and 4 percent interest.

5. Many people shout Protectionism when it comes to issues of trade, when talk arises of buying America First…well, look where buying cheap foreign goods has gotten us…our quest for a world economy has created the GREAT WEALTH TRANSFER IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION, with China the biggest beneficiary. That reality needs to end. It is time for Americans to stop buying goods not made in America, and it is time for us to rebuild our industrial base, to again become the largest producers of quality goods in the world. The first part of this equation is easy…we just stop buying goods from places like China, we demand customer service call centers servicing Americans be located on American soil…sorry India, but get over it. The second part is a bit trickier, requires another Apollo like commitment on the part of every American. To this end, it is recommended that we implement a National Sales Tax of two percent on all (non perishable) goods and services purchased. Said flat tax is too be used to implement a 20 plan to rebuild both our public and industrial infrastructure, which will instantly reignite every construction trade in America, return union workers to their jobs at living wages.

We are tired of business as usual in Washington DC, are tired of the parlor games played by both parties. If the Democrats and Republicans cannot find a way to work together to fix America, to save our nation from financial ruin, then it is time for Main Street Americans to take back our country. To that end, we need to be prepared to elect TRULY INDEPENDENT average Americans with commonsense into office in the 2012 elections. That means sending EVERY DEMOCRAT, EVERY REPUBLICAN and EVERY TEA PARTY member of Congress packing in 2012, it means a true nationwide grassroots effort to effect real change. Don’t vote for the best looking candidate, don’t vote for the candidate that has the most money to spend, and DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT, but instead, vote for true Americans, vote for someone from the average American’s walk of life, your every day man or woman on the street. In 2010, we sent a message to Washington, DC and it is already apparent they ARE NOT LISTENING…just look at the games going on now, look at the two parties fighting over things that should be resolved already…Come on, we have the Republicans and Tea Baggers threatening to hold up ALL LEGISLATION unless they get their TAX CUTS FOR MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES. You have the religious right, and uber conservative Republicans holding up the repeal of DADT, while overly liberal Democrats want to attach the Dream Act the Pentagon Spending Bill in the hopes of giving almost five million ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY!

The time is upon us America, and we have to take whatever steps are necessary to save this great land, and that means Main Street Americans setting aside petty issues and pitching in to effect the kinds of changes we truly need in Washington, DC.

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