Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who Owns Nan Hayworth (Including her Husband's Business)

Just a quick peek at who is going to have POLITICAL ACCESS to Nan Hayworth...her husband through his business is NUMBER TWO ON THE LIST.....

1Vestar Capital Partners$72,400$62,400$10,000
2Mount Kisco Medical Group$69,050$69,050$0
3Elliott Management$25,499$25,499$0
4Credit Suisse Group$13,400$13,400$0
5Aetna Inc$11,800$4,800$7,000
6Every Republican is Crucial PAC$10,000$0$10,000
6Freedom Project$10,000$0$10,000
6OB-GYN PAC$10,000$0$10,000
9National Rifle Assn$9,900$0$9,900
10Allscripts Inc$9,600$9,600$0
10Bedford Oaks Advisors$9,600$9,600$0
10Jes Holdings$9,600$9,600$0
10Neuberger Berman LLC$9,600$9,600$0
15Celgene Corp$7,200$7,200$0
15Intrepid Capital$7,200$7,200$0
15Quality Systems Inc$7,200$7,200$0
18Continuing a Majority Party Action Cmte$7,000$0$7,000
19Colliers International$6,300$6,300$0
20Insight Media$5,450$5,450$0

Note-factor in Nan Hayworth's FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR LOAN TO HERSELF, and her husband I am sure has bought himself a Congresswoman, or at least REAL GOOD ACCESS TO HER.

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We on this blog do not like Politicians...we like Republicans even less. Nan Hayworth was elected to send a message to Washington, not because she was a better choice...this blog is laying the ground work to defeat her in 2012.