Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time For a New Dwight D Eisenhowser Operation Wetback

I sleep with my TV on, tuned to CNN news....yes, I am a news junkie. This morning I was woke up by the startling news that one of our Border Agents had been GUNNED DOWN along our Southern Border with Mexico. Transposed against this stark reality is the fact that our American Congress passed the Dream Act, and Senator Reid wants to try to push it through the Senate between Christmas and New Years during a special working session. Hello, when is Washington DC, our elected officials, and President Obama going to wake up to the fact that American Sovereignty is under a deliberate attack by Mexico and its citizens, its government? The time has come for another Dwight D. Eisenhowser "Operation Wetback" style enforcement action aimed at rounding up and deporting Illegal Aliens.

Politically correct...who cares? We have our government ceeding land over to Mexican Drug Lords, and illegal aliens, federal lands (parks) closed off to American citizens. We have over sixteen million Americans out of work in this stagnant economy while our government continues to allow some 7.5 million Illegal Aliens to KEEP THEIR JOBS. We have American citizens being forced through their property taxes to pay for the educating of illegal aliens, and their anchor babies (some 4.5 million), while Washington DC postpones enforcement of the very effective E-Verify program until they can agree on a comprehensive immigration overhaul that provides a pathway to citizenship....can we say AMNESTY.

Let's stop ignoring history, but rather learn from it...Operation Wetback worked very effectively using many of the tools of the trade our political correction nation refuse to consider.

Operation Wetback-1954 operation by INS (now ICE) to remove about one million ILLEGAL ALIENS from the United States, focusing on Mexican nationals...change the date and numbers, sounds like this could be 2010. Our government used local police, they used raids, they used profiling, they used random stops asking to see ID' worked.

From Wikipedia....

The effort began in California and Arizona, and coordinated 1075 Border Patrol agents, along with state and local police agencies, to mount an aggressive crackdown. Tactics employed included going as far as systematic police sweeps of Mexican-American neighborhoods, and random stops and ID checks of "Mexican-looking" people in a region with many Native Americans and native Hispanics. In some cases, illegal aliens were deported along with their American-born children. Some 750 agents targeted agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions per day. By the end of July, over 50,000 illegal aliens were caught in the two states. An estimated 488,000 illegal immigrants are claimed to have left voluntarily, for fear of being apprehended. By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and the INS estimated that 500,000 to 700,000 had left Texas of their own accord. To discourage illicit re-entry, buses and trains took many deportees deep within Mexican territory prior to releasing them. Tens of thousands more were deported by two chartered ships, the Emancipation and the Mercurio. The ships ferried them from Port Isabel, Texas, to Veracruz, Mexico, more than 500 miles (800 kilometers) to the south.

In January Congresswoman Nan Hayworth and the Republicans take over the House of Representatives...will they continue to cave in to the National Chamber of Commerce and their strong desire for CHEAP WAGES? (Illegal aliens depress American middle and lower class incomes by some $200 BILLION A YEAR) Will Nan Hayworth and the Republicans continue the policy that allows Mexico to use America as their welfare system, or instead will they say enough is enough, and DEMAND STRONG ENFORCEMENT, instead of leaving on the jobs magnet, and offering law breakers AMENESTY?

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