Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Attn Baby Boomers...Government, Banks and Wall Street FUCKED YOU

First, for all those politically correct whiny wussies that will complain about the use of the word FUCK...if it was good enough for Dick Cheney to drop on the Senate Floor, good enough for Vice President Biden, it is good enough for this blog. Secondly, Baby Boomers need to wake up, and start finding our voice, as the United States Government, Wall Street and the Banking Industry have DELIBERATELY FUCKED US, systematically gone about stripping us of our wealth in the name of future generations. First some facts...

1. Age discrimination...if you are over 50 (Baby Boomers), and out of work, your average time to find a job is going to be 41 months.

2. If you are a Baby Boomer (basically 50-65, your unemployment rate is higher than it has been since 1945.

3. There is good reason to believe that the real estate market and Wall Street were deliberately crashed to steal THE WEALTH WE HAD ACCUMULATED...notice who was made whole again despite their criminal actions (Banks and Wall Street), and who was not made whole, while at the same time through our taxes made to pick up the tab (Main Street Baby Boomers).

4. We have ALREADY PAID FOR OUR SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS, and MEDICARE, but now the government wants to greatly scale back our benefits, rob us of our Social Security, and through the use of Death Panels, ration our health care services in the name of FUTURE GENERATIONS.

This needs to be a wake up call for all Baby Boomers, and specifically those living in the 19th District here in New York where the vile and sinister Congresswoman Elect supports the raping of 79 Million Baby Boomers in the name of the WEALTHY AND example, she is full on ready to cut our Social Security Benefits, and in fact wants to eliminate Social Security, wants to eliminate the regulations that would stop Wall Street from future criminal wrong doing that lead to the great Stock Market crash we all watched as our 401K's and retirement plans went into the dumpster.

Let's look at some hard facts...Social Security...On average, the average life span of those who collect Social Security has increased by 8.5 years. However, that figure is misleading in some ways. If you look at the lower fifty percent of American Wage earners who collect Social Security our life spans have only increased by 1.5 years. Simply stated, the richer Americans who need Social Security the least are actually COLLECTING FAR MORE because their access to quality health care assures them that they will live FAR LONGER than those of us who do America's GRUNT WORK, who do not have the financial wear with all to afford the high cost of taking care of our health related problems. So, pushing the retirement age even further back is a deliberate attempt to see most of us never recoup what it is we paid into the system, a way of denying at least half of us Baby Boomers (40 million of us) what we deserve in the name of preserving Social Security for our children and their small problem...WE PAID FOR OUR ENTITLEMENTS, and have worked hard enough....let us retire at a age (64) that allows us to ENJOY OUR GOLDEN YEARS.

Baby Boomers played by the rules set forth by our Government. We bought our homes, fixed them up and invested in economy, put away for our retirements through use of the 401K's that were created for us, so that we could retire at an earlier age (most of us planned to stop work at 60), and live a very comfortable life in retirement as we started spending down our accumulated wealth. The problem was, our government, the banks, Wall Street had all been SECRETLY STEALING OUR MONEY, and suddenly realized they could not afford us all starting to cash in, could not give us what was ours...specifically, OUR WEALTH....Medicare/Social Security funds had been being robbed for decades, worthless IOU's put where our hard earned cash should be, and Wall Street and the Banks robbing our 401K's in the name of bonus's and huge profits for the Uber Wealthy, while falsely assuring us that our funds were secure, invested in secure investments. The answer was simply...come up with a wall to FORCE US TO KEEP WORKING find a way to strip us of our wealth so that it could be used to run the same scam on the next generation.

Twice during the ten year time span of 2000-2010, the Stock Market CRASHED...both times, we the Baby Boomers watched our investments tumble, twice average Main Street Americans were forced to sell their investments at rock bottom prices to preserve what little was left, and the upper five percent of Americans were there to SCOOP UP THESE INVESTMENTS at Bargain Basement prices as our wealth was reconstituted and redistributed to the UBER RICH. Trust me, it was no accident that the rich have gotten richer, while our savings have been stolen fact, this scheme worked so well, they did it the second time, and the second time, as the Uber Rich bought up our holdings, the government was robbing us again by bailing out Wall Street and the Banks FOR THEIR PAPER LOSSES....where was our bailout for our PAPER LOSSES?

Step two in stealing away the life savings of Baby Boomers...CRASH THE REAL ESTATE MARKET! Think about it...

1) We Baby Boomers had a huge amount of equity built up in our homes, the value of our homes making home ownership for younger Americans more and more we bought at say 30 for maybe $180,000 were now worth north of $400,000...America needed those homes for THE YOUNGER GENERATION.

2) It was imperative to bring down the average price of an American Home to make home ownership attractive to the younger generation.

Solution...CRASH THE MARKET. Who cares if we bankrupt Baby Boomers, we need inventory on the market at affordable prices, we need to be able to let rich people come in and scoop up all the bargains so they can turn around and sell them to a new generation of YOUNG HOME BUYERS.

Then, you have our government wanting to SAVE Social Security and Medicare for future generations, wanting to reduce our Federal Deficit, and rein in entitlement payouts to almost 80 million Baby Boomers...solution...scale back benefits.

1. Death Panels...sure, the government does not want us seeing their various Committees that will create rules that will deny us access to various LIFE SAVING AND EXTENDING medical treatments as DEATH PANELS, but that is what they are.

Already, we are going to be forced to suffer through end of life counseling sessions with our doctors...why...TO REDUCE OUR EXPECTATIONS, to convince us that dying is just a part of life, and it is SELFISH OF US to expect the government and future generations to expend their money keeping us healthy...instead, they want to keep us comfortable as we have our life spans SHORTENED by an average of 3.5 years as a result of these denial of service programs are implemented and forced upon us.

So some simple math Baby Boomers....80 Million Baby Boomers have our lives collectively shortened by 3.5 years, and the government eliminates 280 million years of Social Security benefits and medicare payouts!...using Social Security at an average of say $1,000 per month in payouts is a savings to our government of 3.4 TRILLION DOLLARS just from Social Security. If they succeed in pushing back the retirement age, that figure DOUBLES to 6.8, rein in Medicare Costs in a similar fashion, and the government will SUCCESSFULLY ELIMINATE THE FEDERAL DEFICIT on the backs of 80 million Baby Boomers!...Roll back the the retirement age, and they WILL TURN A PROFIT, find a whole new way to fund other projects such as infrastructure improvements all on the backs guessed it, BABY BOOMERS.

Here is the BIG PROBLEM with this...our Federal Government is in the process of orchestrating Baby Boomer Genocide upon us! Lets take that 280 million years of our collective shortened lives, and divide by an average life span of say 75 years, and you are effectively eliminating over
3.7 MILLION LIVES...that is Genocide, that makes our own government guilty of the largest Genocide of a generation since Adolph Hitler visited the Holocaust upon the Jews. Baby Boomers have done more for America, paid more into the Federal Government's Social Security and Medicare programs than any generation ever has, we have in fact bailed out Social Security twice already, and now in our time of need, now that it is our turn to collect our own IOU's the government is devising ways to cheat us of our benefits, and KILL US OFF EARLY through the use of Death Panels that will decide what medical services we can and cannot have access to as EXPENDABLE OLD PEOPLE.

Where is our VOICE OF OUTRAGE?

2. Social Security...the government if you listen carefully talks about the need to save Social Security for future generations, plays the GUILT CARD by talking about our children, and their children. They want to cut benefits paid out, and they want to push back the age that we can begin collecting those benefits. These two desired actions would effectively cut the Social Security Benefits WE HAVE PAID FOR by some 41 percent in the name of future generations, in the name of reducing our Federal Deficit...oh sure, it sounds good, is the age old rallying cry of, "One for all and all for one."

What about us Baby much are we supposed to pay, what makes us the perfect SACRIFICIAL LAMB? 80 million of us can DIE IN POVERTY in the name of fixing what our government, what Wall Street greed created? Is our own apathy making us the perfect victims, are we allowing the government to collectively put us into symbolic cattle-cars to be driven to starvation, to early deaths at the hands of a Medical Profession bent on counseling us on accepting death, bent on brainwashing us into accepting we are undeserving of LIFE SAVING medical treatments because we are NO LONGER WORTH THE INVESTMENT COSTS of certain life extending operations...such as hip replacements, open heart surgeries, and certain cancer fighting treatments?

Where is our voice of outrage? Wake up Baby Boomers....the 112th Congress holds our lives, and the quality of our lives in their hands, and right now, our necks are on the chopping block. We are the largest voting block ever assembled, and it is time we speak our outrage, it is time we say, 'Enough is Enough"...we need to go back to those heady times when we took our protests to the streets, back to those times when we held PEACEFUL SIT INS in the offices of our elected representatives, it is time we tell government...."KILL SOMEONE ELSE". We need to join our voices and one demanding the systematic rape of 80 Million Baby Boomers.


  1. I agree it is time for we the baby boomers to make our voice know. We should have one of the biggest rallies on Washington since modern times. This not only effects Seniors but also their children and grandchildren. I have been constantly writing my congressmen and working to blogs on the very critcal subject. We need to act now, and let the 112th congress were MAD.

  2. Steven...thanks for your comment. Baby Boomers do need to find our voice, or we are going to be living on Cat Food in our old age as elites in DC decide what medical treatments they will deny us in watching us die sooner rather than later. No one wishes to discuss a very real FACT...we paid our dues, and now that it is time for us to collect what is due us, the government of the United States of America wants to renege on its deal.


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