Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't You Love Being SPIED ON? Seems TVEyes is Watching Us!

Do love having an ISP Tracker here on this blog, and of course I have to wonder who is using TVeyes to track us both here and on Twitter...Hey Nan, are you using your influence, or your money to track us, or both? What is TV Eyes...It is a International Media Intelligence Company providing instant tracking and reporting of mentions on the web be it in articles or social media, with instant reporting to their quote Church Lady, "Well isn't that SPECIAL." You can read about their services in their own word...
Your Search Engine for TV/Radio, Print, and Social

TVEyes makes TV and
radio broadcasts searchable by keyword, phrase or topic - just as you would use a search engine for text. TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite is a subscription-based product used by PR professionals, Fortune 500 companies, Political Campaigns, Government Agencies, and anyone who needs to know what is being broadcast on TV and radio in real-time.

TVEyes Unlimited - Never any additional fees

TVEyes is the only media monitoring company to deliver real-time TV and radio content on an international platform for a flat fee. There are never any additional fees to access content on TVEyes Media Monitoring
Suite. Instant alerts are transmitted within seconds whenever a keyword of interest is broadcast -- whether it happened in New York, London, Beijing, or Qatar.

Managing Real-Time Information

The TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite (MMS) offers key features in the filtering and control of Broadcast Media.

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