Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are Military Helicopters Providing Entergy's Indian Point Off Site Surveillance, and if So Why?

Military Helicopter Surveillance of off site areas in and around the horrifically dangerous Indian Point nuclear reactors owned by Entergy? Anecdotal Evidence would suggest this very thing Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, and as a constituent of yours, and a stakeholder in the hosting community for these end of their lives reactors, I would like answers.

I've live inside the circle of death (that is the ten mile radius circle around Indian Point ) which would likely face possible immediate death, or would suffer exposures sentencing me to a death from cancer when these reactors are attacked, or suffer a cataclysmic reactor core incident (which I believe) is fairly probable. Having lived less than 3 miles from these facilities for over ten years now, I have a certain familiarity with normal aircraft traffic in the area, and instantly recognize what can only be described as abnormal flight traffic of a ominous and military kind.

I've seen not one, but two Chinook Heliocopters lift off from the military base close to where I live, then lumber down the Hudson to Indian Point, make what appeared to be a landing, and then return...Why? Even though as stakeholders we SHOULD have a right to know about and discuss the DBT, Homeland Security and the NRC have decided we are not entitled to know what risks we face hosting a set of problem plagued ancient nuclear reactors that were in the flight of one of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers. Are there viable threats against this infrastructure target that our government is HIDING from we the citizens? Can you look into this Congresswoman Nan Hayworth and GIVE US HONEST ANSWERS.

Just a few weeks ago, there was a smaller military heliocopter that flew almost directly over my house at a height of well under five hundred feet making a B-LINE to Entergy's tritium leaking twin reactors...again, why, and what was that military equipment doing flying do very low in a RESIDENTIAL AREA? I would bet EVEN MONEY that said heliocopter was the Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche.

Today, though not as intrusive as the event above, we again had another military heliocopter do a CLOSE RANGE fly over in our community...I was baking at the time, so by the time I raced outside to take a picture it was dissappearing behind a tree about six blocks up from my home.

All this, and other close range flyovers can only suggest one viable answer...Our United States military (probably the Army) is providing Entergy with taxpayer paid for free aeriel security service for this dying set of nuclear reactors on the Hudson River...it begs the question we as stakeholders deserve to know...WHY? If we are facing a serious risk of a terrorist attack, if there is CREDIBLE CHATTER out there that Indian Point is a target of choice for international terrorist groups, we deserve to know, deserve the opportunity to evaluate our choices when it comes to living in an area targeted for attack.

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